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This is one of the first in the series of abstract wall sculptures that I started in October 2010.  It’s a little on the wild side, I know! It represents a time when my creativity was really starting to spiral, so I called it Spiraling Up“. 

You can see the depth and dimension of this wall sculpture in the above photo.  I think it could be in the category of psychedelic art, don’t you?  Or maybe more in the modern abstract art category….sigh, I never know!!!! 

“Spiraling Up” measures about 20″ in diameter, about 3″ deep, and has nine, yes nine seperate shapes cut out of wood.  It’s made from 1/4″ birch wood, then painted, and assembled….whew, lots of work!  I do all the designing, woodworking, and painting myself….and marketing and shipping and ……..all of it!

Pay no attention to the poor photography of the photo above!  Since I took the photos for this wall sculpture, I’ve learned  more about my camera, the lighting, the settings, all those things that make a difference. I might have to spend some time and re-do the photographs of  my earlier wall sculptures.

You can see more photos and information of “Spiraling Up” HERE.

If you like this type of abstract art, come check out my Etsy Shop!


Comments on: "Blue Spiral Abstract Wall Sculpture" (2)

  1. Visiting from Etsy. Beautiful Treasuries-great color choices.

  2. Wow, a comment!! lol Thanks Vickie! I looked at your shop, your jewelry is very romantic, love it!

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