Reiki Inspired Energy Art and Jewelry

Here’s a link to an Etsy Handmadeology Team Treasury put together by JoyousWorld.

I wish I knew how to show the actual treasury here instead of just the link, but I don’t. Darn this computer stuff!   Let me try something…..Holy cow, it worked!    Thanks to Handmadeology for the tips

Thanks to Joyous World for including my wall sculpture in a really awesome treasury.  It’s ironic, but just a couple of days ago I was thinking about how trippy it is to walk in the woods at dusk when your eyes play tricks on you.  I love it!

‘At the Brink of Dusk’ by Joyousworld

Every night just at dusk I go out walking with my dogs, with barely enough daylight to see…. It is such a ethereal time. Lines between reality and the imagined become blurred.

Burning Sky – harvest gold o…


Flying Angel Horse


White and Yellow Felted flow…


Dusk. Midnight Black Earring…


Modern Abstract Painting Hea…


Hair Sticks Pair Shed Antler…


memories of Paris pencil box…


Vintage 70s String SPIROGYRA…


Small Round Drawstring Bag B…


Crochet Ornament, Satin Cord…


Surreal Gothic Gate Original…


Painting, Oil Paint, Origina…


Clearance Leather Wrap Brace…


Fragment: Winter Walk III


coat rack, rustic antique bl…


Colorful Chunky Bohemian Bra…


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Treasury tool is sponsored by


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