Reiki Inspired Energy Art and Jewelry

Much of this blog is going to be about promoting other very talented and deserving artists and craftspeople.  Speaking only for myself, part of my healing process is to pull out of my self-absorbed hermit mode, and help others. Now I realize that  nobody but me might read this, but I have to start somewhere and it’s the thought that counts!

There’s a fun new treasury tool available that not only lets us post treasuries on our blogs, but also lets them be “clickable”.  How cool is that, right?!  I’m going to give it a trial run and see how it goes…..

IT WORKED! Awesome!  This treasury was created by Joyousworld  and is showcasing Handmadeology teammates.   My featured wall sculpture is HERE.

‘At the Brink of Dusk’ by Joyousworld

Every night just at dusk I go out walking with my dogs, with barely enough daylight to see…. It is such a ethereal time. Lines between reality and the imagined become blurred.

Burning Sky – harvest gold o…

Flying Angel Horse

White and Yellow Felted flow…

Dusk. Midnight Black Earring…

Modern Abstract Painting Hea…

Hair Sticks Pair Shed Antler…

memories of Paris pencil box…

Vintage 70s String SPIROGYRA…

Small Round Drawstring Bag B…

Crochet Ornament, Satin Cord…

Surreal Gothic Gate Original…

Painting, Oil Paint, Origina…

Clearance Leather Wrap Brace…

Fragment: Winter Walk III

coat rack, rustic antique bl…

Colorful Chunky Bohemian Bra…



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