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>Yikes!! Brain Fry


I should have known there would be a crash after the high of the last few days.  I’ll tell you what, this internet marketing thing is freakin’ draining, DRAINING I tell ya. I’m not and have never been a computer oriented, desk sitting kind of person.  My brain is officially fried from my self-imposed crash course in learning and applying SEO, blogging, forums, facebook….. Geeze, I just learned what a widget was last week (widget, heehee, that’s a funny word)  In other words, I started from square one! The studio is where I belong…or on the couch watching tv or reading a good Stephen King book. lol 

I think it’s a sign that I just need to prioritize my time and organize my thoughts which lately have been shooting off in every direction like some kind of creative explosion. Someone mentioned in one of the forums that I read, (and now there are so many that I can’t remember which one it was….dangit!) that it’s important to have a schedule for internet activities, including blogging. That makes sense because frankly, all the networking and marketing ain’t gonna do jack sh*t if there’s nothing to sell!!!!!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of my time MUST be spent on creating art…and not just eye candy, but meaningful, healing art.  It’s almost like I lost my direction for a minute there. Am I an artist with a pure intention or an internet marketer? I know, I know, there needs to be both, balance is the key but then that could be said for everything I suppose. Today, I’m taking a break from the computer for the rest of the day….I’m not even going to look at it, not even once….well maybe once.

Today is a day for chilling out. I’m thinking couch time, Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger”, and movies on the free Stars channels we got for the next year. Can you hear my brain sizzling now that I’m taking it off line?   I’ll think about it all tomorrow, after all tomorrow is another day…..


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