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>Energy Vortex #1


I sure seem to be fascinated with spirals lately, and I’ve always been drawn to a bright light source with rays. This photo was taken during the snowstorm we had last week, and through the miracle of gimp, I transformed it into an energy vortex with every chakra color spinning around the central light source.  Through my eyes, the  light source is God, the source of all that is, and the spiraling chakra colors are the  energy and aura of the trees.
Nature is so unbelievably pure and perfect.  Humans get all messed up by our experiences and our emotions, but nature exists in complete perfection and balance.  Until of course, we humans come along and mess things up with our blatant disregard and disrespect for the purest things of the earth, the things we take for granted. I feel the suffering of Mother Earth. 
I feel inspired by these nature photos I’ve been taking. I feel that a great healing needs to take place in this world, and I’m trying to figure out how I can contribute.   I see my discovery of this photo technology as being no coincidence, but in fact, synchronicity.  Things always seem to fall into place and into perspective if we’re open and set our intentions. 
I don’t claim to be healed, quite the opposite actually.  I’ve worked really hard on healing my issues over the last few years and finally, my education in energy work and alternative healing methods seem to be clearing out some blockages and healing old wounds.  I feel more aware of  being in the natural flow of things than I have for years.  It’s baby steps for me, that’s for sure…I’m no Speedy Gonzales, but I’m very grateful to feel so clearly the improvements in my overall energetic health. 
I realize that probably nobody reads these words I write, but that’s ok.   I find it enjoyable and a way to clarify and document my own journey, so I’ll continue for my own sake.

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  1. >Well…. I'm reading it, aren't I?

  2. >Haha, true, true.

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