Reiki Inspired Energy Art and Jewelry

>The Handmadeology team on Etsy has got to be one of the fastest growing teams on that site. Well, maybe not since Etsy made it a requirement to join teams in order to post  anywhere. The point of that? Ya got me. It seems to me like there are other issues more pressing than forcing people to join teams.

Most of my Etsy education came from the business forum, and  anyone can still read it, but you have to join the “team” to post in it with your questions. That’s a turn off to alot of people from what I’ve read. I joined the business forum team because it’s an easy way to get exposure and get people to recognize your name. Pretty painless, really, once I got over the stubborn “I don’t need no freakin’ team” rant. 

The Handmadeology Team is playing a chain game which has resulted in tons of treasuries being made. I need to get my third treasury made today featuring those fantastic people who have featured me in theirs. I don’t know about other people, but  I find treasury making really time consuming, although it’s fun to be able to see people’s shops more in-depth..  I was going to try the poster sketch today, but discovered they have discontinued it! So much for that treasury making short cut…ack.

This treasury is by fellow teammate, Lbtoyos.


‘Need some color while spring comes!!!’ by Lbtoyos


trio of miniature nesting he…

the Kwan med cowl neckwarmer…

Recycled Upcycled Glass Cand…

Modern Abstract Art Painting…

Silk and bamboo cabled hat

Pink loopy corsage

green folk brooch (pin)

Red Czech Glass Antiqued Bra…

Valentines Day ….Fine Art …

Fabric Ring Rosebud Flower A…

lime green glass flower bead…

Red and white snowy forest d…

9 fabulous 2 hole vintage st…

Decadent Coconut Soap Bar

Silver-plated green spring e…

Bold Red Crochet Bracelet


My wall sculpture that was featured in this treasury is called “Breaking Free”.  It measures about 23″ wide, 28″ high, and 3″ deep.  It has eleven separate pieces of wood which are elevated giving it a sculptural quality.  It has texture, dimension, pattern, design, and if you like reds, it’s got it all!

To see more groovy three dimensional wall sculptures, check out my Etsy shop.



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