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>The Morning Laugh

>I woke up this morning feeling really……ummm… you saaayy ……..bitchy.  I’m thinking it’s the “whore-moans”.  In desperate times such as this, a funny picture to giggle at is some really decent medicine.

LOLOLOL…..the look on both of their faces  is priceless!  It reminds me of the time years ago, when my “then” boyfriend and I went to a drive-through zoo in Branson, Missouri.  I was in the passenger seat, we had the windows rolled down and there was a big bag of zoo treats between the seats.  Ahead were two camels (camels are really strange looking creatures aren’t they…..I mean, that hump?! How weird is that…lol).  One of the camels came towards the car and the other one took off behind the trees. We stopped to feed the one camel, who was politely waiting at the car window.  While we were immersed in picture taking, the other camel snuck up to the passenger window, stuck his head all the way in the car, smashed me against the seat covering me with funky camel smell, grabbed the bag of treats and then both camels hauled ass across the field.  LOL  Diabolical! 
I had to post a few pictures today of my latest gimp experiences.  This first picture is the original photo that I began with, a closeup of my wall sculpture entitled “Flashback“.  Following that is the evolution that took place in order to get to the final, most kick-ass image I’ve made so far, in my opinion…

Ooooo, such groovy colors…
A Heart!  That’s a sign……
Oh……My……Gosh!!!!!  Freakin’ kick ASS!!
I’d so totally hang that on my wall!  I did manage to pull a print from it on my crappy printer.  It was an 8 x 10 print on glossy photo paper and turned out really beautiful! Much to my surprise, the colors from the print match those on my monitor, so I think my monitor is fairly well calibrated…one less thing to worry about.

I’m going to take the print I made and incorporate it into a three dimensional wall sculpture.   Today it’s supposed to be in the 60’s (can’t wait!) so it’s studio time for me!  It’s supposed to be sunny and in the 60’s all next week, so if I disappear, that’s where I’m at… or soaking up some rays.




Comments on: ">The Morning Laugh" (3)

  1. >Laurie your work is absolutely orgasmic! BTW, I used to work for a company in N. Arkansas, karma? And the zoo of which you speak was authorities. I used to live in Branson too!

  2. >You lived in Branson? NO WAY!!! That's some crazy stuff! Do you remember Englers Block? How about Mutton Hollow? I was a sketch artist at Mutton Hollow for serveral years, and did woodburned portraits at Englers for a couple of years. I did guest stints at Silver Dollar city quite a few times as a sketch artist, too. I actually lived in Hollister. Small world!

  3. >Hi there! I found you on Etsy, very nice blog 🙂

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