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>A Valentine’s Day Funny


Awww,  love is a beautiful thing…

Well today I’m off to enjoy a beautiful sunshiney day in the “big city”.  Despite the fact that I rarely leave my beautiful 3 1/2 acres,  I still  dread the traffic lights and all the gajillions of people and cars.  But, it is Valentine’s Day, so in lieu of gifts, my boyfriend and I are going to see a movie and out to eat.  Maybe my 20 year old daughter will come and I can kill two birds with one stone.  Gee, I’m quite the romantic, aren’t I?!  lol.   Can you believe that I’m 50 and still use the word  “boy” friend?   Manfriend sounds even weirder…. husband….NOT (shudder! been there, done that), how about mate?  or Lover…..My Luvahhhh…. ewww, I think I’ll just stick with boyfriend.
Today is a good day for a bright red treasury.  This one was curated by none other than Etsy extraordinaire Fleeting Stillness.  She makes some really beautiful glass items, be sure to check her out.

‘I gave you my HEART – is that NOT ENOUGH?’ by FleetingStillness


My heart is yours 8×12 print

The Moxie – Customizable – L…

NzLbags Handmade – Handbag -…

Fetled hearts for Valentines…

Minimalist pendant necklace …

Modern Abstract Art Painting…

Nuno felt scarf ruffle Re…

duo rack accessories red lov…

Rubber Stamp with HandMade s…

Newsboy Hat – Cap with Brim…

Print of original collage 10…

Vintage bracelet made with c…

Vintage Dark Red Bakelite Ad…

Squares of Fossilized Coral …

Deer (Felted Love Spell Soap…

Rustic Wonder Perfect for yo…


I’m honored that Fleeting Stillness chose to include my wall sculpture entitled “Breaking Free” in her lovely Valentine’s Day Treasury.  To see this wall sculpture and other groovy abstract art, check out my Etsy shop Primalpainter:  Modern Abstract Art.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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