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>Electric Company Bullies

>cute funny kitten play fighting flash

Today the electric company is supposed to come by and ravage the trees on my property. I thought maybe I should go out there and confront them with anger and intimidation, but when I told my friends of my plan, they exchanged these sideways glances, snickered, snorted, there was even some rolling of the eyes..   My boyfriend laughed outloud.  I’m like “Wha-at?”  Apparently my attempts at anger and intimidation are more along the lines of the kitten in this video. : (   From inside my head, I think I seem really mean and ferocious, but from the outside looking in…..not so much I guess.

You know, I like electricity and all, but this destroying everything that’s 10 ft. on either side of the line is B.S.  For the lines that go through the forest, I can understand it, but this line is right through my YARD!  And my yard is full of TREES!  They even said they wanted to chop down my almond tree!!!!!  When they came to survey my property yesterday, I said to them while hugging my tree, “I’ll chain myself to this tree and you’ll have to cut through me to get to it!!!!  Screw the electric company!!!!”  I’m very upset, I have to admit. 

I jumped through hoops to keep them from spraying very toxic herbicides around my property, so now I guess they’re  going to show me who’s boss and just cut everything down.  Power hungry freakin’ bullies!  Now keep in mind, that none of my trees and branches are a threat to the electric lines, we make sure of that ourselves. My community has been on a rampage against our electrical coop, and  now they’re fighting back.  Apparently war has been declared……

When they get here, I’m going to try being nice but not a pushover.  I’ll show them where we’ve cut our own branches because of the lines and topped off some cypress trees so they know that we’re responsible landowners.  If that doesn’t work, I’m going to try dissolving into tears (and honestly, it won’t be fake because they’re hurting my trees and destroying my privacy).   If that doesn’t work, I may have my boyfriend  put on a stained torn wife beater tank, unbraid his hair (his hair is to his waist), and come out looking wild and crazed waving around a  blazing loud chain saw.  He should be able to pull that one off easy enough if ya get my drift.

If that doesn’t work, I might have no choice but to express genuine anger, cussing and threatening, but chances are I’ll look like the kitten in the video.  Acckkk!!! Stressed Out!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!!




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  1. >I sure hope that it goes well! Losing beautiful trees is so sad. The only thing I don't love about our house is the fact that since it's new construction, it's got zero big ol' trees.

  2. >Ohh, that makes me kind of sad. I love trees and the energy they produce, so peaceful. Good luck and keep us posted, I'll be rooting for you. P.S. I think that kitten is actually attempting to hypnotize the other… maybe you should try that! 😉

  3. >Sorry you are having to go through this. It's a real bummer. I hope you get to keep your almond tree! I think if you keep your trees well maintained they should leave your yard alone. Give'm hell, but don't go to jail!

  4. >Thanks so much for the comments and good thoughts. I get to save my almond tree if I transplant it, (it's 12 ft tall), but my pleas and offers to selectively prune my own trees were ignored. My yard looks like a tornado ripped through it. I'm sad today. I'll plant something new and pretty soon. Or maybe I'll go with some wicked firethorn bushes so next time they come they'll get some pricks…hmmmm, pricks, yes I'd say that's fitting.

  5. >I'm sorry about your trees and yard… :(Hopefully this will make you feel a little better… I've given you an award of sorts. 🙂 Check out my latest blog post for the details:,Taylor Lynn ❤

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