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>Aftermath of Destruction


The last couple of days I’ve been in the ole’ “stay in bed and cover up my head” funk, thanks to Carroll Electric coming into my yard and butchering my trees.  Sometimes being sensitive and empathic has it’s downfalls as I have a tendency to feel the pain and angst of everyone and everything, even trees. This was even worse than the Great Ice Storm of 2009 because of the added element of feeling victimized at the hands of a giant unfeeling profit-driven power hungry corporation, namely CARROLL ELECTRIC CO-OP (co-op my ass). 
Trees have a very smooth and pure vibration while the gi-normous buzz saw the electric company used to shred them was jolting and obnoxious, disturbing and violent.  I’m pulling out of it, though. They spared my almond tree on the condition that I transplant it, which is going to be a real trick at 12′ tall.  It’s a dwarf almond and shouldn’t get any bigger than 15′ to 18′ but they don’t care.
What’s done is done, so it’s time to snap out of my self-imposed disconnection from a world that seems  bent on so-called progress (greedy, profit driven, power-hungry progress) while disrespecting and sacrificing nature.  I’ll start thinking about what I’m going to plant in those ravaged areas of destruction.  Maybe pampass grass or evergreen red-tipped photinia.
I was thinking the other day that some wicked firethorn bushes would give those electric guys some nice little pricks….. little pricks for some big pricks…..Ha!  That’s just a fantasy, though…an evil satisfying fantasy where the firethorns come to life and pull the head honcho electric guy into a tangled maze of stabbing little pricks (how appropriate), while I look on and laugh…Bwah hahahhaha!!!!!  Wow, that’s  mean of me, must be my dark side.
This picture makes me think of the TreeHerders  (the Ents) in the Lord of the Rings when they see the destruction and stumps of their fellow trees.  I like to think of the orbs in the foreground as healing orbs.

This  was my sassafras grove.  I’ve lived here for 11 years, they were here then, and when they cut them down, they were about 12 feet tall.  Not exactly a threat to the electric line and wouldn’t be for another several years.   Why, WHY????
On the bright side, ironically while the giant buzz saw from hell was here the other day, I sold a wall sculpture called “Renewal“.  Is that a sign or what?!  Pretty cool I thought.
I also finished my third chakra painting called “Fearless” and listed it on Etsy yesterday. It’s already been featured in a treasury! I’ll do a post on it later…..

See ya,

Comments on: ">Aftermath of Destruction" (3)

  1. >So sorry to hear about your sassafras grove. It just sucks when our landscape changes and we have no control over it. Where are you going to move your almond tree to?

  2. >Thanks Della. Boy it sure does suck. I'm starting to get excited about planting something new, though!I'm going to move my almond tree down the hill and next to my super yummy cherry tree. I sure hope it survives! I might try to talk them into letting me prune it instead of transplanting it before I do anything drastic.

  3. >Ouch, that stinks losing all your trees… 😦 I hope you can convince them to let you just prune your almond tree.Congrats on selling your wall art, though! πŸ™‚ I hope that made you feel a bit better…I'm sending you a virtual HUG!Love,Taylor Lynn ❀

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