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>"Fearless" Third Chakra


I’m no Speedy Gonzales when it comes to working on my chakra paintings that’s for sure, but I’ve finally finished  “Fearless“, my painting intended for opening and clearing the third chakra.  My lower chakras were a friggin’ mess, a MESS I tell ya.  It’s interesting to me to see how these first three paintings have evolved.

My first chakra painting entitled “The Red Portal” was tight and controlled, practically closed up completely and had lots of black debris in it.  Dark, dark, dark….

The second chakra painting called “Healing the Hurt” was a little brighter, a little more open, but still had alot of black debris that needed clearing out. 

The third chakra painting called “Fearless” is much brighter in color,  the light is more organized and spiralled, and there are darker areas that need clearing but no black.  That’s a good sign…..!
My theory is that the work I’ve done on these chakras is cumulative so that each consecutive chakra is healthier as a result of the healing that’s taken place in the one before it.  I definitely felt an improvement in my overall energetic well-being after completing the first two. I’ve noticed third chakra issues surfacing and resolving as a result of working on this one as well.   I documented some of those issues in the post “Third Chakra Issues“.   I do alot of yawning, and I mean big  yawns, lots of them in a row, when I release some inner crapola. Anybody else? No? Just me?
I entitled this one “Fearless” because I noticed that many of the emotions I felt while creating it had to do with generalized anxiety, insecurity, a “tied up in knots curled up in a ball” kind of fear, low self-confidence, shame, things of that nature. 
I set my intention at the onset “This painting is an intuitive visual depiction of the state of my third chakra and will result in the opening and clearing of all my third chakra issues.  This painting will have a similar healing effect on anyone who’s open to it”. I attuned it to the healing energy of reiki along with my intention. 
 I figure it will take a few days, maybe even weeks to integrate those changes, although I already feel a difference. So far, and it just started today, it’s a subtle feeling of confidence and optimism despite feeling threatened by my electric company.  Considering that the third chakra is all about safety and inner power, that’s some ironic timing.  I frequently get challenged and tested when I’m trying to accomplish some kind of self-improvement.  Anybody else?
Talk about irony, selling a wall sculpture the day they were here entitled “Renewal” was the height of irony!   Wow, I tell ya, the Universe knows what it’s doing, so I figure I’ll just keep on going with the flow and trust that everything happens for a reason at just the right time. 
Hmmm, could that be a healthy third chakra attitude? Could be, could be…..     Next up, the dreaded stony shackled in chains Heart Chakra.  We’ll see how long it takes me to tackle that one!  Maybe I should just dive right in with my new and impoved third chakra empowerment and bravery.
Just gonna go with the flow…..
P.S. “Fearless” has already sold to a super nice person in Canada!  Thank you Sybillinart!

Comments on: ">"Fearless" Third Chakra" (3)

  1. >Laurie,I really love your Chakras, and Fearless really spoke to me, as well as Healing the Hurt. These seem to reflect me personally over the last couple of years. Funny thing, I just did a blog post and mentioned that "everything happens for a reason", and then read your post. GMTA! I can't wait to see how you depict your Heart Chakra. Great post!

  2. >Great to read, as usual Primal. The Universe always hands me just the right situations at just the right times. It seems that there is indeed rhyme and reason to this madness. :)Balancing my chakras always makes me feel amazing, and your paintings are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. >Thanks for the commments girls!It does seem like everything happens for a reason at just the right time, doesn't it. Of course, for some of us with thick skulls (namely Me), I can say the words, but actually having it sink in to the point of automatically letting go of blame and/or victimization is trickier. The chakra paintings seem to be a deeper transformation for me. Gearing up for the fourth chakra!

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