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>Creative Angst


I was thinking today about streams of consciousness and how that’s been part of my artistic evolution.    A stream of consciousness,  in my mind, is all about intuition, bypassing the brain, having a visualization that flows out through my hands with no interference from the meddling left brain.

 I’ve been creating three dimensional sculptures from wood for the last three years, and frankly, I’m starting to find it confining.  The stream of consciousness exists, it’s just halting and infused with left brain planning and thinking. It’s starting to feel like a real drag.

Well that’s just great.  Everytime this happens, everything has to come to a grinding halt (including income) while I experiment with something new and exciting enough to hold  my attention.  It’s like I’m always looking for something, but what the heck am I looking for anyway?

I think I’m finally starting to get an idea about that after stumbling around in the dark for a few months….again.  Don’t get me wrong, stumbling around in the dark can be fun for a minute (God knows I do it enough).  The dark is kind of exciting and risque, until you walk face first into one too many closed doors. 

The stream of consciousness work I’ve been doing with my photos in gimp is so fun..  It’s so  infinite, and it’s very cool to see a visible evolution  in the form of abstract imagery…….true stream of consciousness work in its visual form….. Energy Art.   Too cool!  (Except my hands don’t get dirty and my clothes don’t get covered with paint, which is super weird.)

Now, though, I’m getting hung up on how I’m going to incorporate this new imagery into my artwork.  My first thought is to make prints of the new imagery and make a wood wall sculpture as a frame of sorts around the print.  The thought of doing that doesn’t give me the tingle and the tingle is essential for my short attention span, but I’m probably going to do it anyway.  (Did I just feel that heavy sigh and drop in energy? Pay attention Laurie).

I also thought of using the new imagery as a reference and then painting the design on a wall sculpture.  Parts of that one catch my attention but not enough to trigger the fire.  (Oh no, was that a grimace?)  Acccckkkk!!!   What…is…the…problem?

In contrast,  the way I create in gimp is so natural and so flowing, it’s like the left brain gets totally bypassed somehow and it’s mostly right brain pure stream of consciousness stuff.  I like that….alot. (except my hands aren’t dirty and my clothes aren’t covered with paint…..weird).

So, what to do, what to do…….  Maybe I should just start on my fourth chakra painting.  (Did I feel anything? A little tingle perhaps?) 

Have an awesome day, my one or two readers!



Comments on: ">Creative Angst" (8)

  1. >I love all your awesome photos, I wish I had a program that could warp pictures like that! Can't wait to see that fourth chakra painting!

  2. >Your photos are so good you probably don't need to warp them, (although it's lots of fun!) Gimp is free and with your new computer, would be easy enough to download. Here's the link: Give it a try, we can warp out together!

  3. >Aw, thanks, I'm glad you like 'em. :)And thanks for the info, I'll have to look into Gimp! Then we could both be warp-a-maniacs. 😉

  4. >Laurie, when you have that Eureka moment, and what you are doing just feels so good you want to sing, then you know that what you have created (or plan to create) is awesome. I love your painting, and I love your art created in GIMP. Isn't Gimp great?! A female tattoo artist once asked me if my design made my nipples tingle. She said that if your nipples jingle, (She had little bells hanging from hers) then that's it! That's the one! I have loved my ink since that day, and still jingle 😉 Creating something beautiful makes me jingle, or tingle too. Enjoy the Eureka moments, and keep tingling!Della

  5. >Yay for the search! What we are looking for is always changing, so what made my heart leap yesterday, may no longer work today. What you're doing, feeling around (usually in the dark!) for the next step always works for me, with one detail attached… I have to give it the time it needs, even if that means I'm ready to start NOW. I think you're exactly where you need to be, right on track. I can't wait to see what creation you give birth to next, and if it makes your heart sing, it's already a success. 🙂

  6. >LOLOL, I'll have to pay attention to those "nipple jingling" moments! I wonder what the words would be to a nipple jingle? "Nipples and tits, nipples and tits, must feel the jingle from nipples and tits". Haha, that's not a good one, I'll think of something better.Thanks for the encouragement Smitten, it's nice to know there's light at the end of this (in a deep echoing ominous voice) "tunnel of confusion". Waiting for the right time is the trick for me!

  7. >Lol ~ I meant to comment on the nipple tingle thing~ the only time that happened to me was when I was nursing and my milk was letting down… not the same, right? 😉

  8. >lol, I remember those days….that was more of a "nipple burst"!

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