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>LOL Monday


Warning:  If you don’t like hilarity, Richard Simmons, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and possible risque content, view this video at your own risk.  If you’re a LMAO kind of person and aren’t easily offended, this video is freakin’ hilarious!  Some might find it to be in bad taste, but one person’s bad taste could be another person’s Dove Dark Chocolate, so who knows.

I had already written this entire blog post for today, had some really great stuff in it, too, and somehow it just…..disappeared!  Frankly, I’m a little nervous about where it went, because I’ve had some “uh oh” moments already this morning.

 First, in my clumsy attempts to upload a different video, a video that was  much  worse than this one in terms of inappropriateness, I accidentally posted it on the Etsy VAST team blog.  Now as awesome as the VAST team is, that blog is mostly about  two dimensional fine art.  I can just imagine their shock and dismay if they were to wake up this morning, check out that blog and there’s a  video of “the world’s drunkest guy” on there posted by none other than primalpainter!  Good Gawd!  Now that was a close one. I think I got it off of there, but I can’t help but wonder where that other post went…….

In my defense, I was going to title it “Just Say Noooooo” or put some other “Don’t be a Stupid Drunk” spin on it, but I decided that maybe it was too inappropriate even for this somewhat unserious blog. (Although I’ll probably show it to everyone who comes over today because it was hilarious!)  I’m starting to become suspicious that I have junior high mentality……not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In other news, I ordered some prints of my altered art photos from last night so that was exciting, although  I have no idea how they’ll look as prints, or if the resolution is right, or the “whatever that is” is correct, or if “that thingy” is at the right setting, or blah blah blah blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…   Huh, I’m sensing an attitude of some sort…….

In a perfect world, I would learn new things by osmosis.  All that technical jargon and understanding would just be painlessly absorbed into my head without any of the rolling of the eyes, pulling of the hair, banging of the head on the table, stomping around, locking myself in the bedroom to protect my loved ones from my horrible wrath, and last but not least, the gnashing of teeth. (Gnash, that’s a weird word, guh-nash)

It almost sounds like it’s Monday……

Have a good one,



Comments on: ">LOL Monday" (6)

  1. >I hate when you lose things online and have no idea where they went… EEK! Not fun!

  2. >Laurie, go to your dashboard, and click edit posts. It should be in there! I hope it's not lost forever, and just hiding. I'll watch your video later. I can barely hold my eyes open. It's nap time!

  3. >LOL Laurie! I used to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway when I was having bad flares. Laughter is the best medicine, and I watched tons of comedy. It may not have healed me, but it sure kept my spirits up!

  4. >Hey girls, thanks for the comments! Yeah, I looked in my dashboard and no post, I don't know where the heck it ended up. I thought blogger saved things every few seconds so it still exists somewhere, I just hope it's not on some serious blog somewhere where it could mortify people (Heehee, although that scenario is funny in my mind)

  5. >LOL, I sometimes think not-so-funny things like that are funny… Some imagined scenarios just make you crack up!

  6. >That clip was hilarious!! I used to watch that show, any skit that can make me laugh out loud is a keeper! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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