Reiki Inspired Energy Art and Jewelry

I created this abstract  healing art wall sculpture in December of 2010.  It measures 28″ wide by 22″ high and 2″ deep.  This wall sculpture has two separate layers of wood with the top layer elevated about an inch above the background piece.  It’s set about an inch off the wall.

It’s entitled “Clearing the Chaos”.


Clearing the Chaos” – Full view

There’s alot of texture created by the layering of paint in this piece of healing art.   If you look closely, there are images of angels in the larger orbs.

healing art angel wall sculpture

Clearing the Chaos” – semi close view

There is much to see up close in this original abstract painting.  Depth, intricate patterns, texture, smooth gradations of color, bold contrast, and to top it off, it has healing properties for anyone who might be open to it.

healing art angel wall sculpture

“Clearing the Chaos” – close-up

This modern abstract art sculpture is three dimensional in appearance from the side.

healing art angels wall sculpture

Clearing the Chaos” – side view

This wall sculpture is attuned to the healing energy of reiki.

To see more details and photos of this modern abstract wall sculpture,  go to my Etsy shop, Primalpainter:  Modern Abstract Art.


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