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I had a terrible nightmare last night, one of those where you wake up with a pounding heart, heavy breathing,and a generalized feeling of alarm (no, it wasn’t a sex dream involving oompa loompas or scary clowns).
In my dream, my hair was really messy and I was wearing my usual  jeans so heavily covered with every hue of paint I own that they’re really stiff, and I can only bend over  from the waist while keeping my legs straight. Then a disembodied voice, sounding suspiciously like Julia Child says “It would be-hoooooove you to present yourself in a more pro-fessh-ional manner.” 
First of all, that voice……(shudder) and second of all,  who says behoove and what does it mean and third of all, professional? Me?   I’ve pondered the wisdom of this advice, so in an effort to present myself more professionally, I present you with this video:

Take that Julia Child…….How do you like me now!.
Rebelliously yours,

Comments on: ">Professional? Me? LOLOLOL" (6)

  1. >Oh Laurie, LOL!

  2. >My daughter happened to wander by as I was watching that video and had to come over and see what I thought was so funny… 🙂 She got a laugh out of it too!

  3. >Haha, that video is hilarious! Who needs to be professional when you can instead blog about goofy things like that?! ;D

  4. >LOL, I crack up every time I watch it! I'm feeling a little feisty today, I'm afraid. Got alot of page views, though….most of them undoubtedly thinking "That girl is too unprofessional…" Maybe tomorrow I'll behave.

  5. >LOL I don't know, are you sure you didn't pick up a few followers with that post? 😉 Oh, and I forgot to mention the photo- I love it! At first glance, I didn't even notice the dog, LOL! xD

  6. >ROTFL! That is histerical!!

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