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“Playful” by primalpainter
This is a close-up photo of my wall sculpture “Renewal” that I manipulated into abstract digital energy art.  It reminds me of those spinny things on sticks that we used to play with when we were kids. What are those things called?  I know it’s not “spinny things” but …..Oh yeah, pinwheels!  (Had to ask my boyfriend because his brain isn’t as whore-moan addled as mine apparently is….I tell myself it’s whore-moans, not age, so let me have my illusion!)
I’ve been procrastinating putting these prints up for sale on my Etsy and Artfire sites.  My excuse is that I’ve been researching keywords for the titles and trying to define what these images actually are, but of course, that’s just my excuse of the day.  Are they Fine Art? Digital Art? Abstract Art? Energy Art?
I don’t know if other people research their keywords, but I read somewhere that keywords are really important for your SEO (search engine optimization).  I use the google adwords tool to research various search terms in order to see how many people actually use those words in a google search. 
I’ve found what appears to be some awesome keywords, for example digital  art gets 165,000 searches a month which sounds great.  But when you google digital art there’s almost 55 million results, which means my listing would be on page what? 40 million?  Geeze, somehow I don’t think people are going to go past page three or maybe five, let alone page 40 million!  Soooo……..don’t know, don’t know……   Even Energy Art which would be very specialized, niche oriented and gets 5,400 searches every month has the whopping 23 million results. What the…..?! Really? 
The ideal scenario is fairly high search numbers, say 9,000 searches per month, and less than 100,000 results.  A person might actually have a chance of getting on the first couple of pages with those odds assuming they maximize their keywords in the right places in their listing.
Oh blah, blah, blah….  I hate all this mumbo jumbo technical crapola of selling on the internet.  How about a different version of “Playful” to recapture my wandering mind.
“Playful Daydream”
I actually think I like this one better than the first one.  Good Gawd, what’s happening to me?! Since when do I like something that doesn’t require sunglasses to protect my eyes from it’s loud, in your face colors?

How about this one…….
“Playful Romance”
Hmmm, interesting….I like the colors……and I used to be way into diagonals but now?  Not so sure anymore….Wow, I really am changing…maybe just for the time being, we’ll see…..  That’s the thing about this digital energy art, it seems to reflect my energy flow of the moment.
Well, I’m off to nurse this brutal migraine I’ve had for a couple of days.  First, let’s try a little humor medicine, see if that works on migraines:
LOLOLOL, why WHY do I find that so hilarious?  Poor kid…..poor, silly, freakin’ hilarious stupid kid.  I’m starting to think I’m a little twisted in the humor department……
And, it didn’t help the migraine physically but a good laugh is always good mentally, even if it’s for the twisted reasons of “habenero induced silly boy agony”.  Bad girl, Laurie, BAD!!

Comments on: ">Digital Energy Art "Playful"" (7)

  1. >LOVE the "Playful Daydream"! Fabulous. 🙂 And the name is great, too. I love creative names! :DI hope your migraine goes away soon! Too bad humor didn't work, that wouldn've been simple. Just go to! ;)Hugs,Taylor Lynn ❤

  2. >The colors in "Playful Romance" are so pretty! Love that aqua!I'm growing some habeneros, and we could have some silly, stupid, habenero boys around here ;D

  3. >OMG, Laurie! I laughed so hard reading this post that the Coke Zero I'm drinking nearly shot out of my nostrils! Burn baby burn! I can so totally relate to everything you wrote. Now would you please get out of my head? There simply isn't enough room in there for both of us.

  4. >Ya, all that SEO stuff can get a little crazy, but it seems to work! I found one of my products on page 1 not too long ago in the Google search…YAY! 🙂 It's such a lovely "coincidence" that you posted the Google adwords tool today, I was going to have to search through tons of saved messages to find it, was not looking forward to that job! Oh, and I LOVE the colors in "Playful" ~ gorgeous!

  5. >Hi… saw your interview on Simply Smitten.. loved it and your art.. haven't checked out any of that SEO stuff as yet.. but will check out that adwords tool..see if it makes any sense..lolThis stuff makes my headache.. Hope your migraine goes away quick.. Love the colors in all of them but especially the aqua in Romance.. have a loverly weekend!

  6. >Taylor Lynn, you're so special, seriously, I mean that.Della, so what do you do with those habanerors, eat them? Surely not! I was thinking of smearing the juice on the trunk of the trees in the goat pen to keep them from eating the bark!Sue, sounds like we have a twisted sense of humor in common too! Not surprising! Am I in your head or are you in my head? lolWow Melinda, page one! Holy cow! Well that gives me some encouragement to keep at it. That google adwords tool is pretty cool at narrowing down keywords. And thanks for the feedback on these new images!Hi Kathy! Welcome to my blog! Yeah, that SEO stuff is headache inducing for sure, but apparently it works, Melinda found one of her products on page 1! Google adwords tools is pretty easy to figure out, I'm no expert, but if you have questions, I'd be happy to help you out!

  7. >Aw, thanks. You just made my day! ❤

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