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I have alot to do today, but I was excited that one of my new digital energy art prints was featured in a collection curated by AsktheMoon from Artfire, so I wanted to share it.

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I’m off to enjoy a beautiful 80 degree day!  I’ve started working on my art pendants and I got a new set of prints from adoramapix yesterday, so lots of work to do.

Have an awesome Sunday!



Comments on: ">An Artfire Collection called "I Love Abstract Art"" (7)

  1. >That collection is fabulous, so different!! So happy to hear the work has begun on the pendants, can't wait to see them. :)To think, we were thrilled with 50 degrees today… 80 seems like a dream! Happy Sunday!

  2. >The collection is beautiful!! I love all the colors *_* Haha, hope the rest of your Sunday was fantastic!

  3. >What a funky, awesome collection! I just went and left a comment. 🙂 Have a great day!Hugs,Taylor Lynn ❤

  4. >I love your digital art! I've never seen anything quite like it and the colors are captivating! It was almost 90 in OK and I broke down and turned on my a/c for the first time this year. Hope you had a great weekend :)btw, thanks for following! I'm following you now, too 🙂

  5. >Hey Sara, thanks! I found you through Forest Faery. I need to figure out how to put my favorite blogs over on the side like she does. We made it up to 85 here in Arkansas, but I loved it!Taylor Lynn, thanks for commenting on the treasury! I've started commmenting on your treasuries, too. Sometimes it takes me awhile to pull out of my own head!Jordan, hope your Sunday was fantastic too. Did you get your chicks?Melinda, 50 degrees..brrrr! Today it's 50 after yesterday's 85 so it feels like winter again! Can't help but love the sun although my skin is finally showing the negative effects. (I thought I was immune to sun damage when I was younger, like last year)

  6. >My Sunday was pretty good… we didn't get the chicks yesterday.. but I think Dad is on his way home with them now! 😀 I had time to do a post before they get here. Because when they get here, I won't be putting them down ;DBut I'll make sure to post some pictures!!

  7. >You're welcome, thanks for commenting on mine! 😀 Hugs, Taylor Lynn ❤

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