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>Saturday Laughs


I’ve decided that today is a day for funny videos.  (Not one business link or business keyword in sight! Yay!)  Uh, can you tell I’ve acquired a bad attitude towards the whole internet marketing thing?  Maaann, so unfulfilling and just  a total drag.  I’m afraid spring and summer weather will keep me away from the computer quite a bit.

My day started off by walking outside barefoot to take in this glorious sunny warm weather, and promptly stepping in chicken poop. Gah!  So I thought, maybe some funny animal videos are what’s called for.

Monkeys are so cool.   I mean, wouldn’t it be fun to live and swing in the trees!?  On the flip side,  I don’t think it would be that fun to throw poop at each other.  Although, maybeeee… (staring off into space imagining myself throwing my own poop at someone……..EWWWWWW!)   Yeah, that would be gross, just had to make sure.

Now dogs, how awesome would it be to have the life of a pampered dog!  They’ve got it going on and I  like that they can be mortal enemies with the neighbor dogs one day, then do a little butt sniffing and wa la! truce!  Too bad humans couldn’t solve their differences that way….(staring into space imagining feuding humans bending over to sniff each other’s butts…. ewwwwwww!)  LOL, Ok, maybe not, just had to make sure…

Kitties, how I would love to be a kitty, sleepin’ all day, oh yeah!  Sometimes I see our kitties at the neighbors house, getting fed special treats no doubt.  They come around when they want to and go off on big adventures whenever they feel like it.  And in the spirit of a poop/butt oriented post, they’re neat and clean and bury their poop. 

I remember when we first got our pygmy goats, they were about eye level with the chickens at the time.  I was out in the shed petting them, and our cat Sugar comes creeping up to check it out.  One of the goats took a step towards her and she sprang about two feet straight up in the air, held there for a second, and somehow projected herself sideways about 4 feet!  It was like watching the real life version of that cartoon with Snagglepuss.  Remember this?  “Heavens to Murgatroid! Exit, Stage Left!” lol….I’m probably the only one old enough to remember that cartoon….Maaaann!
Have an awesome Saturday!



Comments on: ">Saturday Laughs" (7)

  1. >Job well done Laurie!! 🙂 Jordan and I were just hysterical watching those cat and dog videos! Really, belly laughs! 🙂 My brother always wanted a monkey as a pet, bet he never thought about the poop throwing part…;)It's always great fun stepping in chicken poop, hope your day improved! 🙂

  2. >Lol.. thanks for the laughs Laurie.. hadn't really thot about all the poop part..(now am trying to get rid of those thinking though that chicken poop is probably better than cow poop…lol…hope your day turned out lovely after all.. am so jealous about all this walking outside barefoot already.. when will it be my turn???

  3. >Hi me again.. I forgot to mention…. I remember those cartoons.. loved them.. would be too funny to see your cat actually do that.,.lol

  4. >Oh my gosh!!! What great videos!!! Aren't funny animals videos the best?!PS You're lovely barefoot walk sounds familiar… we've got chickens, too, LOL! Not to mention dogs! 😉

  5. >Hi Laurie! Hahaha, I just read this all and started giggling xD Riley had to come over to see what was happening and laughed all her peanut-butter-toast-breath all over me… now look what you've done! Haha, anyways, great post 😀 Loooveedd it ;)*Hugs!!*Jordan

  6. >Thanks Melinda, I always wanted a monkey too. Then my friend got one and they're actually kind of disgusting and smelly, so I'm cured!Kathy, hey I know what you mean about cow poop, we had plenty of that growing up. lol. And I'm so relieved that someone else remembers that cartoon besides me!Hi Tay, animals make the best funny videos! I wish I had a video camera, I could make my own with the zoo we have around here. Sounds like you probably could too! Jordan, lol, peanut butter toast breath, that's funny! Actually, I could think of worse things, how about liver and onion breath….ewwwww! I won't eat anyone's liver, by the way, gross!

  7. >Probably, yeah! Actually, I think the girls have probably caught some goofy chick videos on the digital camera, LOL. 🙂 They're frequently photographing and video taping those things!

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