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I’ve been a big fan of James Redfield for years who wrote the  Celestine Prophecy series of books. If you haven’t read the Celestine Prophecy books, they’re centered around synchronicities, spiritual insights and awakenings. I don’t have his latest book, “The Twelfth Insight” yet, but I’m going to order it today.

I’m also going to start reading the series from the beginning because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it. A movie came out a few years ago called the Celestine Prophecy, but unbelievably I haven’t seen it yet.  I’m  going to see if our video store has it, and will be getting it as well. 

Why all the excitement about James Redfield?  Well, I got a notice in my email, that a James Redfield had followed me on twitter.  What?!  Surely not THE James Redfield!  But it was!!  I went to the link from his latest tweet, and below is what I read.

Global Prayer Project sponsored by James and Salle Redfield

Beginning on April 14, a predicted second phase of Unity Consciousness is due to enter the world according to the Mayan Calendar and other prophecies. Again, this deeper spiritual consciousness is something that we can feel personally and see operating synchronistically in the outer world. Remember, this Unity Consciousness, called a 9th wave of divine creation by the Mayans, is predicted to come into our perception in a series of in phases. The first phase, called a Seeding phase, began on March 9 and was characterized by the expansion of the democracy movements in the Middle East and a new emotional empathy with those suffering from the shocking earthquake in Japan and the economic turmoil, especially in the US. The second phase, due to arrive on April 14, is called the Germination phase.

Obviously, this new consciousness is what I have been calling the Twelfth Insight, and I have pointed to the necessity for all of us to “Tune in” or open up to the emerging energies of this spiritual consciousness as though we are — as the Mayans suggested with the names of these phases — cultivating a consciousness within ourselves like a farmer would cultivate a plant. This week, let’s offer our prayer and visualization toward enhancing and uplifting this process. Join us as we seek to bring the arrival of this new consciousness more readily into public awareness in a way that transcends the fear, pain and anger so many are holding onto.

Wow, how very synchronistic!!  I got a crazy wave of goosebumps when I read this and also when I read other articles on their website CelestineVision.  In my last post, I compared the awareness of my life’s purpose to a cutting from a plant with no roots, but finally feel as if  I’ ve sprouted  some roots.  According to the Mayans, March 9 (my daughter Andi’s birthday, how synchronistic!) was the beginning of the Seeding Phase, and April 14 begins the Germination Phase. Maybe a seed is what I was, not a cutting, but I was close! 

Another strange synchronistic date for me is December 21, which is also a Mayan prophecy date, the big one, which some have misinterpreted as being the end of the world but in my opinion is more along the lines of the beginning of a new level of spiritual consciousness. 

On December 21, 1984, I was the victim of a very brutal attempted murder and rape that took place in my own house while I was in college. I repressed the memory of the rape for 17 years (it happened while I was unconscious from multiple head and brain injuries), and when it finally bubbled to the surface nineteen years later, I thought I was going insane. 

This incident is what triggered me to seek out help.  I was led, very synchronistically I might add, to getting my Reiki degrees and learning about energy work.  Maybe I’ll write about that story some day, it might be good for me, although will undoubtedly be disturbing for readers.

Also, I ran across one of my old notebooks from years ago where I had “Lightworker Studio” written all over the page. Wow, trippy. Maybe I’ll change my biz name to Lightworker Studio and start to live my life like somone who believes, like someone who’s sprouted roots, rather than someone who just says the words.

So anyway, I’m a little blown away.  I wonder what will happen today?  Expecting synchronicities is how to keep them coming, according to the Celestine Prophecy.
“Live every moment of every day with awareness and intention.” I think this will be my  new tag line that I’m going to repeat to myself over and over so I don’t doze off again.

Have a good one!



Comments on: ">Synchronicity and Life Purpose" (8)

  1. >Coolness, to be followed by THE James Redfield! 🙂 I think Mom has read the Celestine Prophecy… not sure…And WOW about the whole attempted-murder-and-rape thing… that must have been horrible… and in your own house, too! But that's pretty interesting that it's what led you (very synchronistically) to Reiki and energy work. Things tend to work out like that, though, don't they? Bad things lead you to good things, etc, etc…

  2. >Okay, I know this may just sound creepy, but you want to guess what I just picked up a week ago to reread? One guess Laurie, just one… YES! The Celestine Prophecy!! I kid you not, I first read it years and years ago and thought it was time to reread. What is up with all of these unbelievable "coincidences"? (Of course I don't believe in any such thing.)I'm not sure what to say about the horrifying rape ordeal without sounding callous, but I'll try… as unbelievably terrifying/horrifying as it was, it led you to here. It shaped you and guided you and I am truly grateful to know you at this point in your journey. It was your catalyst for awakening, as all suffering has the potential to be. You're a stronger woman than I even guessed. Thank you for sharing what may have been hard to even write (type) out in words. You're amazing. 🙂

  3. >Congrats on the Titter follower! ;D Who would have known that they even followed other people!! Haha<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. >Tay, being followed by someone who I'm a fan of was super exciting! Then my daughter tells me she's being followed by Barack Obama. Surely he doesn't take the time to tweet and follow people! As far as your other comments, you're wise beyond your years, that's for sure! Sometimes I forget and think me and you are the same age!Melinda, No! Holy Cow! That's so weird! We sure seem to have some parallels going on, I think it's really cool and undoubtedly no coincidence..It's hard to know what to say when someone drops a bomb like I did, but you said just the right thing. It definitely led me down some paths that I might never have taken, one being marrying my ex and having my daughter which is another crazy story, and undoubtedly a response to repressed emotions/memories. Thank you Melinda, I think you're a really special and unusual person and feel very blessed to have met you and your girls.Hey Jordan! I haven't seen any blog posts of yours for awhile. Those flowers and the chicks are pretty distracting aren't they!

  5. >Hi Laurie! 😀 I've actually been on a roll! I posted 3 days in a row and PLAN to post again today ;D You haven't seen them? Here's a link to my latest post… you can just scroll down and read the rest, if you have time… they’re actually not THAT long… ;)

  6. >Barack Obama? Whoa, dude! How awesome! That gives you something to brag about- "The PRESIDENT is following ME on Twitter!" LOLAnd thank you, I appreciate that! 🙂 I know, sometimes it's weird to think that if you lived around here, you'd probably be hanging out with my mom and not me, LOL. That's why bloggy friends are cool- it doesn't matter how old you are, you can "hang out" with 'em anyway! 😉

  7. >Whenever you're ready, I can't wait to hear more of your journey. The girls and I were talking about you at lunch today (can't remember what sparked it) and I told them that I'm pretty sure we'll meet someday, somewhere other than blogland. Wishing you a happy and creative weekend. 🙂

  8. >Melinda, my journey's been a crazy one, that's for sure. Lots of trials and tribulations. Apparently I had lots of lessons to learn (I must have been held back a year or two in the reincarnation think it would be so awesome if we got to meet in person some day. I feel like I know you already!

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