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>Crazy Assed Weather


“Dream Angel”  by Primal Painter

I love this angel, the colors, the movement, the feeling, everything about it makes me gaze at it and feel better about things.  I’ve really needed to feel better the last few days, so yay for Dream Angel!

We’ve had so much rain in the past five days (or maybe longer, it feels like forever) that many of the roads around here have been washed out and flooded.  Several people have been washed away in their cars, the rivers are at dangerous flood levels, people have been evacuated….it’s been something else. Twelve inches so far and more coming this afternoon.

We’ve had hail three days in a row.  The first day, the hail was the size of tennis balls and didn’t just fall out of the sky, it  SHOT down on us with unbelievable force at an angle.  It felt like we were under attack!  The ice balls would hit the rocks, the trash cans and the CAR and the WINDOWS and just explode like mini bombs.

I was  screaming and shrieking about windows getting smashed out, so my boyfriend Jamie ran out to the car to cover up the windshield (he was too late) and got pelted with hail so big that it drew blood and made big welts on his arms.  I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m OLD!

My yard is littered with copious amounts of leaves and branches, my flowers are shredded…..Man! Crazy sh*t!  For some reason, and I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but I’ve been super emotional.  I have to wonder if it’s because of the work I’ve started doing on my heart chakra painting.  My heart chakra is so deeply wounded that opening it up is releasing floodgates of emotions, kind of like the flood gates that have opened up in the sky.  I anticipated this happening but it’s still intense!

It also doesn’t help that I’ve been having horrible migraines, too.  I had some serious brain and head injuries that make me susceptible to post traumatic migraines.  I hate drugs, and the pills I take to get through them are brutal on my system.  No headache today (thank you God!) but I look and feel like complete and utter hell.

Well, on that depressing note, maybe some sunny happy pictures are in order! Here’s a few pictures of some of my flowers before the shredding..

My eyes are starting to get blurry on me (another side effect of the migraines, no it’s not age darnit!), especially the eye I look through the camera with, so it’s getting trickier and trickier to get things in focus.  I already have to wear reading glasses to read, but they don’t work with the camera viewfinder.  Not quite sure what I’m going to about that little glitch.

Well I need to get some things done before the next storm and the next migraine, so have a good one! (I made one of the tags for this post “whining”, gah!  Sorry…..)




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  1. >Everyone needs a good venting session once in awhile, you're definitely entitled. Especially since you're brave enough to work on that heart chakra. I have a feeling once you're done with this one, you'll feel better than you have in many, many years. Sorry to hear about your migraines, if you lived with me I'd have you on some crazy veggie and spirulina diet, bet we'd figure them out in no time… 😉 Crazy weather you're having, hope Mother Nature gives you a break soon! I'll send some positive, healing energy you way. 🙂 Oh, and Dream Angel is absolutely gorgeous, I can't stop staring at her…

  2. >The weather can be crazy sometimes! (I saw golf balls hail here too)…About your migraines; did you try self healing? I know it's much harder to heal ourself than to heal others; so you might have a friend with a reiki level like you? (don't look at me!! I never tried distance healing yet!)…Anyway, nice painting!… and trust mother nature, she will calm down soon!…

  3. >Morning Laurie.. venting is good.. and with friends is even better.. wow.. our weather has been crappy but quiet (more snow anyone?) not like yours.. hope it calms down soon.. I get migraines too when the barometer flips up and down.. not fun… I think Melinda's right though.. and once you finish the heart chakra it will change things for you and the idea of some healing is a good one too… I love your angel.. she's so beautiful, flowing and peaceful… The pics of your flowers are so pretty.. we have yet to see anything yet… Hope today is a good one..xx

  4. >Thanks Melinda, I think I'm going to do a painting of Dream Angel, she's worthy of a hands-on paint and canvas existence. Spirulina, I've heard of that. I think food issues do play a part in triggering, so do horomones, maybe even weather, definitely smells and smoke. I have to be really careful. Thanks for sending positive energy this way, I feel better already! And thanks for the encouragement about the heart chakra. This is something I've needed for a long long time and your thoughts are a source of hope.Sybilline, So Canada's getting the hail too? Wow. Do you think the weather will continue to be severe and erratic with 2012 coming up? I've tried self-healing, and group healing, and everything else, nothing seems to be too effective on the migraines… other issues, yes, but not migraines. Lately, though, I've noticed my hands are really hot and buzzing, so maybe there's been a shift, I'll try it again. Thanks for the suggestion.Kath, where the heck are you that you're having snow? North pole? Thanks for the encouragement about the heart chakra. It's pretty daunting to tackle that one, it's been shut down for a long time. Maybe I'll tell the story someday….. And thanks for the compliments on my angels and the flowers!

  5. >Laurie; The hail was last year in July! (here are some pictures: Did you take some pictures?2012 will certainly bring more extreme weather; The world have to change!…That's weird that you cannot heal your migraines; Might need a complete session not focus on the migraines but on all the chakras to clear the source…Looking forward to see your other painting…

  6. >Wow, things have sure been hectic over on your end… to say the least. I hope your migraines stay away and you can figure out the emotional stuff! Everyone seems to be agreeing here… you'll probably feel better once you've finished working on the heart chakra. 🙂 Here's a big (((HUG))) from me! ❤

  7. >and I thought our weather has been crazy! It's been raining off and on but no hail and no flooding! Your poor flowers, they are beautiful! or should I say were beautiful… darn hail ruins everything!I love your angel and think a painting would be perfect!I know your heart chakra is a struggle but I bet after you will be much happier and stronger! I love that you tagged this post whining! lol… I don't mind your whining, everyone needs to do it and it feels good to let it all out :)Try not to float away and I hope you have a great day 🙂

  8. >Sybilline, that's crazy! Hail in July! I saved some hail in my freezer, I'll take a pic with the ruler. I'm thinking the crazy weather might continue and even get worse. Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! I hope more work on the chakras and the emotional roots will work on these migraines. Definitely in the heart, and maybe in the throat (I had the fat end of a glass bottle crammed down my throat and couldn't scream). Geeze, that was a disturbing visual, sorry.Tay,thank you for your kind words and the big hug, I can feel it all the way over here in Arkansas! Sending it back your way ((((HUGS)))Sara, Yeah, that hail was BRUTAL! At least the drought is over for now. I think everyone is right, the heart chakra work is going to open up things that haven't been opened for a long time, so there's light at the end of the tunnel!

  9. >You're very welcome, Laurie. ❤ Thank you for the big HUG back!

  10. >Laurie, we are never surprise with the weather here in Calgary! We have a phrase that said:"if you are not happy with the weather wait 5 minutes" and It's true! sunny in a seconde, snowy few minutes after!…Look like you've been through hard times; this are the things that need to be heal!…Let go; don't keep them; let them go away; build your New life…

  11. >Hey Laurie~ I meant to ask you this days ago… have you looked into msg triggering your migraines? If you haven't, I have some info I can email you. Msg can and is hidden under ingredients labeled 'spices', or 'natural flavorings' which makes it very hard to avoid. It triggered massive panic attacks in me, and it's been proven to cause other major health problems in people, seizures and migraines are just a couple of the others. If you already know all this, please forgive me. I get kind of worked up about all the toxic ingredients allowed in foods! If you're unaware, let me know and I can send along some links and stuff! 🙂

  12. >Melinda, thanks for the suggestion. I do know about msg, it's bad stuff and in everything. Another thing that's really bad is sugar substitutes. I try to watch what I eat, but I think the main culprit is whore-moans…can't seem to avoid those, they're all over the place! I don't want to do the HRT, cancer runs in my family. I'm really hoping that when I get through menopause that things will be better, although that could take YEARS! I wonder if menopause is named for taking a pause from men, maybe that would help, too. LOL, just kidding…or am I? lolSybilline, it's funny you have that saying all the way up in Canada. We have that saying here, too, and also in Kansas where I grew up. Thanks for your encouragement, I'm trying but it's easier said than done! Lots of layers…..

  13. >Oh my gosh…this Angel image is sublime! I love everything about it.

  14. >Thanks Sue, she's my fave too. I like her so much that she's inspired me to do a painting of her! It's on my list….

  15. >Lol ~ I've never broken menopause down into its parts… you could be right! 🙂 I've often wondered if women would be much happier living with other women, just hooking up with men occasionally… 😉 I was pretty sure you knew about the msg, but I had to say it anyway! I would have felt terrible if I hadn't, and that was the culprit all along! You're right, fake sugars are poison too!

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