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I just started listing energy art necklaces on Etsy and Artfire in the past few days.  I know I need to work on the focus (my eyes are getting blurry, darn it!) but I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the presentation.

For the first one I added in the blue gradation for the background. I think I might need to make it lighter, though.

The second one shows the size and how it looks as a necklace. It’s  1 1/2″ in diameter but I’m wondering if that’s too large for the average person. 

The last photo just has a white background without the cord on it, but maybe that gives the impression that it’s just the pendant without the cord. 

Right now, I have them listed at $25, but I thought that may be too high. Maybe $20 would be better.  I don’t want to go much lower than that because of the time involved in creating the print, and the work that goes into making the pendant, not to mention the cost of the cord, listing, the print, the selling fee, the paypal fee….  I also offered a free 30 minute distance reiki session to go along with them. Not a bad deal I thought, but don’t know how other people would see it.

The questions I have are this:

1) For a first impression, which photo would look best? I have a tendency to go with the first one because I’m into color, but sometimes my taste is way off from other people’s taste.

2)  Is it too big?  I can make them smaller. I blurred out the skin texture (sun damage lol), does that look weird? I also added in the black “shirt”.  Does it look fake and weird?  I see there’s a blurry part on the shirt, I could fix that.

3) Does having the pendant without the cord on it give the impression that it’s not a necklace?  It clearly says it comes with an adjustable length leather or cotton cord in the description, but how many people read the description?  

4)  Does the description make sense?  Is it too long?  Too much information? You can see the description HERE.

I’ve been fragging over these questions for days, and finally it got through my thick skull that I have some bloggy friends whose opinions I greatly value and could give me some insights! Takes me awhile sometimes……….

It’s beautiful, warm, and sunny here today, yay! I’m torn between laying out in the sun and soaking up some rays and feel good light, cleaning up the yard, and working in the studio on my heart chakra painting. Gee, could it be possible to do all of the above?  

I dunno, the basking in the sun sounds pretty good after the 18″ of rain we’ve gotten over the past week! And I can do that for HOURS (hence the sun damage). I’ve always been a sun worshipper and never been into the whole sun block thing. I guess there’s a price to pay for such reckless self-indulgence!  Maybe I’ll amaze myself and try to do it ALL! Or not, we’ll see.

Have an awesome day!



Comments on: ">Reiki Attuned Energy Art Necklace" (8)

  1. >Oh Laurie, I could share so many wonderful facts about the sun! We've been taught to fear something that is most healing. Did you know that the sun can prevent up to 70% of cancers? Or that most sun blocks actually contain dangerous chemicals that can lead to cancer? We don't do sunblock, ever. We're just smart about the sun here. I took some time to bask in it's glory today… and I feel fabulous!I'm so glad to see these pendants in your shop, I think they're a great idea! Here's my input ~I also prefer the first photo as the main shot. I think the background looks good as is, but lighter would probably look good too. Any darker and I think you'd lose the pendant in it. Lol~ it's funny, but I didn't even notice you had added in the shirt, so I'm thinking no one else would either! Also didn't notice the blurry until I went back and checked. Remember that you'll be much, much more critical of your photos than anyone else (I try to keep that in mind as I obsess over mine!) I like the size, but I guess that would just be individual taste preferences. Could you have another listing for a smaller size in your shops? Maybe it would make you feel better to have options, but I'd buy one that size.If it states in your description that it comes with the cord, I'd feel like you covered your bases. I always read through the descriptions before I buy to know exactly what I'm getting. I get the feeling most Etsians do. They seem to do more purposeful shopping.I just read your description and it certainly doesn't seem too long… but consider the source! (Look at this response for example! πŸ˜‰ I absolutely love, love the idea of the reiki session. That would be part of the reason I purchased one! I think it's fantastic that you threw that in. Good luck with these, I think they're absolute gems!! πŸ™‚

  2. >Heeheehee- oh Laurie! You're too funny! Answers to your questions- 1. I agree- I think you should do the first picture! It does attract attention with all those colors. & if that’s what people are looking for- colors- then they'll check it out! :)2. It's up to you about the size. I know a lot of people like big beads- & if that's who searching for colorful, fun necklaces- then it'll be no problem! You could always list another necklace in another size…? πŸ˜‰ P.s. the blurred skin looks cool- it makes it so that all the attention is on the pendant. & no, the black "shirt" does not look fake or weird! I love it! ;)3. The picture without the cord are great! Keep them! If people are going to buy this- they should be reading the description first! As long as you put it clearly & say that it COMES WITH THE CORD. You'll be fine! ;)4. I read the description & it looks great!! Very clear & clean πŸ™‚ You must stop worrying so much! Lol~ everything looks great ;DxoxoJordan ❀

  3. >Okay, here's my input… look, the whole family's giving you advice! LOL- I think the first photo is great as the first photo in the listing; I personally love the blue background. :)- Like Mom, I didn't even notice the fake shirt/blurred skin until you pointed it out, so I think it'll be fine! ;)- Personally, I read the item descriptions of things I'm considering buying; so long as you specify that the pendant comes with a cord, you should be good.- And I also think that the description looks good!You seem to be doing a great job, and I think the reiki session is an awesome idea. :)Good luck selling the pendants!Hugs,Taylor Lynn ❀

  4. >Melinda, the sun prevents 70% of cancers? Wow! Cool! I read the latest guidelines about the sun the other day, and it said to just stay out of the sun altogether if possible! I thought wow that's so bogus. I wonder if the increase in skin cancer is from the sun block…how ironic.Once again, what would I do without the Smitten Family! Thanks for your feedback! I might offer some that are smaller. I'm also going to do some that are layered like little sculptures and some that are distinctly chakra focused. I was reading in the artfire forums that product photos with white backgrounds get twice as many clicks as ones with colored backgrounds and props. I still like the colored, maybe it depends on the product. Most people's jewelry photos aren't quite as colorful as mine! So it sounds like it's unanimous from my fave family….colored background, blurry skin, fake shirt (LOL), offer smaller sizes, description is ok, reiki session is a go. And from me, get glasses!Thanks for your input girls! I don't know if these will go over, but I like having them in my shop anyway…makes my shop look more interesting!Tay, did you get the email I sent on Thursday? Just checking….Oh and Jordan, I think you're funny, too!

  5. >No problem, I'm glad I could help! πŸ™‚ Oh, and I did get your email – thank you! I actually just sent you a reply… sorry it took a few days. πŸ™‚

  6. >(1) I'd use the first pic for the main impression and post others for different views.(2) I find the pendant both too big and too thick. I'd offer it in two sizes. This one and a smaller one to appeal to more people. The shirt looks fine. The sharp contrast between your skin and the pendant did throw me off.(3) I'd simply use the first pic, keeping the background white.(4) The Materials Used info is duplicated. I'd delete one. I'd also avoid giving away your secret in terms of process used to create the pendant. Perhaps stating that the pendant was inspired by such-and-such piece of your original artwork would do the trick (and you could add a link to said artwork…it might lead to an additional sale!).P.S. Whatever you decide in the end, I'd keep the photography/presentation/props/description uniform to show cohesiveness and to avoid having your shop page look too busy. I love colors but some people might find it distracting. Hope this helps!

  7. >Hey Sue, thanks for the constructive criticism! I'm going to leave a few with white backgrounds and a few with blue backgrounds and compare the number of views. I agree that there should be cohesiveness, especially in the main photos. I knew the size might be too big for some people. I'm going to offer a smaller size. It'll be thinner, too, but that'll make it very lightweight. The bigger ones could be cool as brooches.I wondered about the blurry skin, I think I overdid it on this one. In some of the other pics I toned down the skin texture but not to the point where it was that obvious. Taking photos of jewelry is a whole new challenge!I know that I duplicated the materials. I got into the habit of listing the materials in the description with my wall sculptures because I saw other people doing it, but I see what you mean.On Etsy, I included the link to the original print, but on Artfire, they don't make links in the descriptions clickable which is stupid. So you don't think that I should say it's a miniature print? Does that make it sound cheap?In college, most people hated having critiques in our painting classes, but I always looked forward to it. I find it very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to look and giving me your feedback!

  8. >Hi Laurie… this is gorgeous.. I like the first photo the best too.. do think peeps will read and see it comes with a cord.. it is too big for me..but there are a lot of peeps that would love that your description and think the Reiki session thrown is awesome… little late but…. sun.. I have seen that odd lighted ball in the sky..and would soooo love to bask in it but right now I am watching those big fluffy white things falling blizzard like with crazy winds…Kathxx

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