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“Angel Heart” by Primal Painter

I’m super excited to have been featured on one of my very favorite blogs of all time  Dreams of Fae!  Taylor Lynn is an amazing young girl, an excellent writer, a fantastic photographer with a great eye, a thinker, a protector of the environment, an animal lover, an avid reader, she’s just got it all!  Her blog is definitely a must follow.  And while you’re at it, check out her personal blog Perfectly Sensible Nonsense which is just as awesome as her business blog .  To see her photography skills at work, check out her Etsy Shop The Forest Faery.  Thanks Tay, I’m honored that you thought of me!

I created this Energy Art Angel (above) a few days ago in response to the issues I’ve been having with my heart chakra painting.  (What? Issues with the heart chakra? Surely not…..)   Gah!  That’s right, mucho crapola has been tied up in the ole’ heart chakra.  

It’s just as I expected, and as hard as it is,  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to clear out some of these issues.  This angel is infused with the movement and colors of several chakras  with the flow of energy going up and out, passing through the crown and transforming  into light and forgiveness.  The area around the heart is dark, but the light is illuminating the pain and 
the anger, bringing them out of the shadows. 

There’s some interesting symbolism in this image, for example, the shape way above the angels head is in the shape of a shield (a light source is at the base). Do you see it?  I thought it was interesting that a way of protecting the heart is in the saying “Shield’s up.”  There are others, too, but somehow my posts always get sooooo loooonnnnggggggg….

My heart chakra painting started out good, it was really pretty actually.  Then I took a break, looked at it a few days later and thought “Wow, this isn’t real, this is how I want to be, but it’s certainly not how I am“.  So I set my intention to paint my heart chakra as it is now.  So now it’s  muddy, dark, messy, and  ugly…..and then the issues arose.  I guess it takes being authentic and honest to get to the root of things and bring about true healing.  I sure wish I could just fake my way through things, but I’ve tried that….over and over…. and it doesn’t work!

I stumbled across the following message somewhere, can’t remember where.  I really need to work on paying attention! Anyway, I thought it was a good message:

Daily Channeled Messageยฎ by Dyan Garris 

Sometimes all we can see is what is directly in front of us. In our inability to see the bigger picture, to see the potential that is around the bend, we sabotage ourselves. And sometimes our expectation and attachment to the way things are “supposed” to look when we get around that bend is what sets us up for disappointment. When you can move along the path knowing that whatever shows up along the way and whatever things look like when you get to the clearing, they are all in perfect order, no matter what you believed was “supposed” to happen, then you have just freed yourself. Today’s energy asks that we try to see both the forest AND the trees and KNOW that the rest will come. 

The Clearing Card 

The Clearing 
“The clearing you have come to here
May be a place of rest
Patience then is needed now
Before you can resume the quest.” 

Well, the sun is actually out today, it’s a miracle!  We actually had three more inches of rain in the last two days on top of the 18″ we’d had over the past week!  Everything’s so green and bright….wheee!!!

I’m about done with all this seriousness…I think the next post should be frivolous and fun!

I’m off!  Have a great one!



Comments on: ">Heart Chakra Challenges" (8)

  1. >Love love love the new angel art, Laurie! It's fantastic!And thanks for the awesome shout out. โค I appreciate it, it was very nice of you. I was glad to feature you, you're pretty darn awesome! :DHugs!Taylor Lynn โค

  2. >Angel Heart is so beautiful, I love the shining light illuminating her. I'm so glad you're working through that chakra, pretty tough stuff by the sounds of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that daily channeled message, I found it is so true. I discovered that most all of my disappointments came from expectations I had. Letting that go, and allowing life to unfold on its own, has made me into a much happier person. Besides, the Universe has so many wonderful surprises, if only we would stop demanding it be a certain way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. >Beautiful angel.. glad things are coming together for you that message.. and yes.. too many expectations.. just leave frustration in it's wake.. but letting go is sooo hard sometimes…the sun shone here today too.. and all of the snow has melted.. cool.. but will take it!! lol

  4. >Hey Tay, I like the new angel art too. I've been learning how to paint using gimp, wow, it sure does open up the possibilities! Next I'm going to learn how to combine two pictures using layers.Melinda, I like Angel Heart too, but Dream Angel is still my fave! I've got several others I've been working on, too. That's true about expectations and disappointments. Just when I think that I've overcome that challenge, I find my thoughts and attitude reverting back. I guess I should be grateful that at least I notice and can stop it in it's tracks!Hey Kathy, thanks for commenting and for the positive thoughts. Here I am moaning about some rain when you're just now getting rid of the snow! Yikes! Nothing like a little perspective!

  5. >I'm a new follower. Beautiful painting. Totally get the symbolism.

  6. >Thanks for the comment Finding Charm! Followed you back!

  7. >Wow- this picture is AMAZING!! I love it! โค The colors are gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on the feature! Hehe- it was quite good ๐Ÿ™‚ You're quite interesting to read about!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck unclogging your heart chakra! Hehe- I bet mine needs some work… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or maybe not- I really know nothing about chakras- so maybe this is the one clear one for me… whatever one has to do with "voicing your opinions"…? I think I've got that one all cleared out! ;DxoxoJordan

  8. >Thanks Jordan! I think your life is too healthy and happy to have any chakra problems! Lol, I think it's awesome that you voice your opinions! I love your opinions, keep doing it forevah!!!

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