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>Chakra Angel


In response to the crazy weirdness I’ve been feeling for WEEKS, I thought I’d do a little evaluation of how my chakra system looks right now.  I created “Chakra Angel” a few days ago with the intention of seeing what the heck’s up.  Frankly, I’m tired of feeling all discombobulated. (This is my word today, so I might have to find a reason to use it again.) (Why is it my word? I dunno, it’s just a weird word…..discombobulated… hee!…who came up with that one, I wonder?)

I see a huge crown chakra at the top, nice, I’m glad to see that.  One thing I usually don’t have a problem with is a good strong connection to the Source, you know, God, the Universe, a Higher Power..  Sometimes I get all discombobulated (hee) with my Higher Self, but the Source is almost always a constant.  

I’m surprised to the see that the sixth chakra,  the second from the top, is smallish and dark.  I always fancy myself as being an intuitive type, but according to this, my perceptions are…….discombobulated.  

The throat chakra, well I’m not surprised to see that one compromised.  I’ve always been an internal type of person. Sometimes I don’t say what I mean, or I mean things I don’t say or I don’t say anything at all. Instead  I’ll fume or bury or pretend.  Not exactly the ideal scenario, not that I want to yell and scream….or do I?   

The heart chakra, not bad.  What a surprise! Cool! Two weeks ago that puppy would’ve been closed up, maybe not even visible, so there’s been some progress. Awesome!

Wow, the yellow solar plexus, the third, is HUGE! What’s up with that I wonder? The third chakra is about self identity, how I see myself, how much do I believe in myself, how confidant I am.  This is a good sign…but maybe it’s too big, too open?  A third chakra that’s too open can cause stomach and digestive issues from not feeling safe in your environment.  I don’t have any of that so maybe I’m good..

The second chakra is  not looking too bad. Good deal.  I’m glad the work I’ve done on the second chakra is holding up although it’s slightly out of alignment.  That’s easy enough to fix…. Visualize each chakra in perfect alignment with the others, listen for thoughts popping up as to why it got out of alignment in the first place.  

The first chakra is looking a little puny. I’ll do some more work there. Extending down from the first chakra are the start of some decent grounding cords but they don’t seem to be too strong.  I’ll work on those, too, as I do have a tendency to float away into la-la land. (but, but…I  love la-la land!)

A new way of diagnosis, cool!  Did you see the moon face at the bottom of the angel?  Did  you know that you can actually airbrush with Gimp?  How fun is that?! I’m going to start doing more hidden faces, images, and figures.  I love art that has surprises!  I’d really like to learn how to use the “layers” tool so I can superimpose  photos onto each other.  

There’s some kind of tool, or computer where a person can actually hold a pen and draw on the screen instead of the clumsiness of using the mouse.  (I’m terrible at drawing with the mouse!)   Anyone know what those things are called?  They probably cost a gajillion dollars or maybe even two gajillion dollars, but sure would be fun!

Well, I’m off…. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to put page tabs at the top of this blog and include a chakra guide.  I forget sometimes that not everyone is familiar with chakras, Reiki, and other energy work terms.

Have a good one!!


Comments on: ">Chakra Angel" (8)

  1. >Beautiful, and very interesting. Hope you get over your discombobulation!

  2. >Great, GREAT post! I fell in love with that gorgeous angel the second I saw her, the colors are amazing!! I so want to visually study my chakras like that, my appraisal is always an internal thing, but this is so fun!! Happy for you to see the heart chakra, looks like healing. 🙂 So love that beautiful crown chakra too! You listing this beauty in your shops?

  3. >I love that angel, she's gorgeous! And I agree, "discombobulated" is a fun word… LOL There are some great words out there! <3My friend GrayStorm has a tablet you draw on instead of drawing with the mouse… I'm not sure what it's called, though. I'd have to ask him…

  4. >Very pretty. I'd love to learn more about the chakras. They're so interesting. I especially like the rainbow spectrum on the angel.

  5. >She is beautiful.. and thank you for the explanation of everything going on.. very cool to be able to visualize it in this way.. great word too.. discombobulated… covers a lot of…love the little moon face too..

  6. >Hey Della! Thanks and I doubt if I ever get over being discombobulated but I keep trying!Thanks Melinda! Yes, she's in both my Etsy and Artfire shops, but you can't buy her lol…and don't ask me why! I swear, we're in tune… I've always checked on my chakras internally too up until now, but this was more fun! Hey Tay, thanks! Yeah, could you ask him what it's called? I know they used some kind of tablet like that on the show Project Runway a couple of years ago. Have you ever seen that show? It's amazing the creativity these people have. I think it's an inspiring show, well, except for the catfights and backstabbing. lolFinding Charm, thank you! I'll do a post on the chakras one of these days that explains them the way I see them. I have a tendency to take information from several sources and then come up with my own take on things, so I'll include references to people who are considered "experts". I'm no expert!Kathy, thank you, I think she's beautiful too. I'm really attracted by those colors. That little moon face is cute, but a little awkward I think. I really need to practice painting with the mouse…it's not easy!

  7. >Hi Laurie! I'm so sorry that I've been behind on reading some of your Blog posts!!!! I couldn't find you, because you changed your name (I'm going to blame you for that ;D), & for some reason, I couldn’t find you on my Blog updates either (& I wasn't smart enough to just click on your profile picture on the comment you left on my Blog ;), soooo…. anyhoo… Here I am!! 🙂 I love the Angel print… it's beautiful!! ❤ ❤ I did see that moon face in it… I ❤ it!! You should definitely put some more hidden faces in your art :)If you ever feel bad about any of your small or stuffy chakras… think of it this way- no matter what, they'll probably always be better then mine!!! ;D HehexoxoJordan

  8. >Yeah, I should be seeing Gray tonight at teen group, so if he knows off of the top of his head what the tablet's called (and I can remember to ask him in the first place, LOL) I can figure it out then. If not, I'll email him! I'll get it somehow… LOL…

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