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Riding the Waves” by Primal Painter

Here’s another experiment with painting using Gimp tools.  There are two hidden faces and a little moon in this one….I swear, I can get immersed for hours with this stuff!  I don’t know exactly what the meanings are for these faces. The girl seems to be connecting with lunar energy and the high/low tides of  emotion.  Maybe she has issues with the people represented by the faces and is working on energetically releasing them although the faces don’t necessarily look like enemies, just observers.

I’m not done yet, I see a few more faces in there that need to be pulled out.  Hmmm “pulled out“.  I wonder if that’s like pulling out a tooth? Bringing to the surface to be healed? I don’t know, all I know is that this is some fascinating stuff and hopefully  it will all make sense at some point.

I did a distance Reiki session with the sweetest girl the other day named Anya.  She’s a new Etsy seller and just started a blog.  Her shop is called ShopDionne and her blog is Start With Style .  Anyway, the session was way cool, and I realize once again that I’m clairsentient.  I “feel” what the other person is feeling, including physical sensations, although for some reason, many times I’ll feel things on the opposite side of my body from where the person is feeling them.  I always think I should be clairvoyant where I “see” things because it’s so easy for me to visualize, but I don’t seem to do that during a session.  Sometimes I’ll “hear” things, so I might have a little clairaudience going on, but I don’t really trust that yet….I have a vivid imagination that might be filling my head with thoughts or at least that’s my suspicion.!

Anya is into Reiki and seems to be very clairvoyant. She connected with me also during the session and told me of the visuals she received during it.  She saw me climbing a mountain, the higher and steeper the better, sometimes I’d lose my footing and slip, but I didn’t feel fear, I just kept going.  I was also wearing a cape which she interpreted as me not taking myself too seriously. lol  I’d say that was about right!  When I reached the top, I was being chased by wolves, but I hid in a tree that had spy holes in it. I threw the wolves off by leaving my false self out where they could attack it. She had some nice encouraging things to say about me.

 I thought this was a very accurate reading from someone who didn’t know of my journey at all! I have to really think about that part where I leave my false self outside as a decoy and let the wolves go after it.  That visual  keeps coming into my mind, so I’m thinking there’s some profound wisdom in it that I need to wrap my brain around.  Anyway, it was super cool and I’m really glad to have met her.

Well today is a studio day. The sun is out, the rain has stopped for a few hours and my grass has grown about 10″ in the last week!!  We missed the tornadoes that hit Joplin and Oklahoma.   Joplin is about 1 1/2 hours away, 30% of the city was leveled (Joplin is a fairly large city) and 123 people are dead so far.  The scenes from there are heart wrenching.

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning.  It had to have been a mistake, but if it wasn’t, I hope someone gets their ass fired.  On tv, there were some previews for the 8  a.m. news. They were showing scenes from Joplin and one was of the rubble of a house  There was a closeup of the dead face of a kid buried underneath.  I almost puked.  Of all the insensitive shit I’ve ever seen, my Gawd that was some of the worst.

Sorry for that visual.  Put it out of your head, but send love and light to that poor community and the traumatized  family of that little kid.




Comments on: ">"Riding the Waves" Send Light to Joplin, Missouri" (6)

  1. >I love the new look Laurie! and riding the waves is amazing… I noticed the hidden faces, I don't know how you do that but it's so freaking cool!I don't know much about reiki but it sounds really interesting… I'll have to do some reading :)I can't believe all the damage from the storms… I was glued to the tv last night and completely freaked out. I feel so sorry for those poor people in Joplin, I've driven through there on my way to Wisconsin many times. So sad.Hope you're having a productive studio day 🙂

  2. >Sounds like a really interesting Reiki session! Did Anya buy a pendant/session, or did you just agree to do one?I've seen two Etsian bloggers from Joplin post about tornados recently… is it just me, or have there been a ton of tornados this spring?

  3. >I'm so glad you're safe and sound! My mind immediately flew to you when I saw Arkansas was hit. 🙂 You know what' weird, I didn't even see the girl in that photo at first, just a yellow star. I was kind of surprised to see her there when I went back for another look. To me it seems like the faces seem to be holding her back a bit, she isn't as free as she wants to be… just my very amateur observation. 😉 The reiki sounds interesting, I bet your mind is working overtime trying to figure out what it all means! 🙂

  4. >I like the hidden faces and the moon. Wonder who else you'll find.

  5. >Hey what do ya know, I can comment today. What's up with blogger anyway?Hey Sara, thanks, yeah I've changed the look of the blog a few times in the past 48 hours. Believe it or not, this is the subdued version. lol Thanks for the feedback! One of these days I'm going to put a page tab at the top for Reiki and also a chakra guide. Sure glad you survived the storm!Hi Tay, Anya bought a pendant so we synchronized our times and did the session. I have another session to do next week too, so that's exciting! Its not your imagination, tornadoes are rampant this year. Something about El Nino… or El Pinto… or El Santa Maria, something like that moving out. It's been bad…Melinda, Thanks for thinking of me. We're pretty well protected here in the Ozark Mountains from tornadoes, but anything's possible these days it seems. Funny you didn't see the girl at first. It's like she's trying to pull out of some wild energy but she's surrounded. The faces don't seem to be outright enemies, but they also don't seem benevolent or angelic, maybe more antagonistic or even like thorns or influences that need pulled out. Good call… It's interesting to create imagery and then search for the deeper meaning. It's like using a tool to delve into the subconscious.Finding Charm, I wonder who else I'll find, too. lol I'm going to look at it today and see what happens. Last night I started pulling my mom's face out, then erased it real quick. Maybe I'm not quite ready to exorcise that little issue..

  6. >Good for you, Laurie! Have fun with the next session, and all the others that are sure to come! 😀

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