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Chakra Angel Wall Sculpture by Primal Painter

abstract art 3D wall sculpture

Chakra Angel” by Primal Painter                                                        

This is an abstract art three dimensional wall sculpture entitled “Chakra Angel that I created in July of 2011.

It incorporates my original energy art print entitled Chakra Angel” into the design as it’s focal point.  I got to thinking that selling prints by themselves is awesome, but it would be cool to present them in a unique way that makes them ready to hang with no framing necessary.

The print itself measures  5″ x 5″  and is mounted on 1/4″ wood.  The edges are embellished with teal and purple dimensional paint to create a textural border.

The background is also cut out of 1/4″ wood and measures about 13″ in diameter.  The design, in my opinion, has a victorian vibe but with somewhat psychedelic colors.  Hey, a new style: Victorian Psychedelic! It’s airbrushed and handpainted and also includes some dimensional dots for texture and interest.

The two pieces of wood are layered together, with the back piece setting out from the wall about 1″ or so.

abstract art 3D wall sculpture chakra angel

The energy art digital painting print is one that I created in May 2011.  To see the original print and to read more about it, go here:  Chakra Angel Energy Art Print.

I do all the designing, painting, and woodworking myself.

To see more 3D Wall Sculptures, Energy Art Prints, and Reiki Jewelry, go to my Etsy Shop or my Artfire Studio.

digital painting abstract art energy art reiki jewelry wall sculpture


>The Violet Flame


The Violet Flame” by Primal Painter

This is my latest Energy Art print entitled “The Violet Flame“. The violet flame is also called the flame of transmutation, freedom and forgiveness.. I really  like this one,  but then I say that about almost every new print I come up with.  This one came about after I saw the Dalai Lama last week and he was talking about forgiveness. 
Forgiveness…..sounds so easy but for me is so hard.  I thought to myself  “What the…? Why, why is it so freakin’ hard to forgive those mean people and circumstances that are ancient history but the scenario continues to play out in my brain?”  Can anyone relate to this or is this just something I do?  
Mostly what I’m having problems with are scenarios where I see myself as having been victimized in some way. I can say the words “I forgive you”…..nuthin’……I can cut the energetic cords to the people and situations involved…..nuthin’……I can put a shield around myself so those cords don’t re-attach….nuthin’… 
I was driving to Fayetteville the other day, and here comes some re-runs that trigger a flare of anger.  I decided to thank the Universe for having me live through these scenes of victimization, acknowledged that I still feel the anger, and envisioned the image above, “The Violet Flame“,  as taking in that anger and burning it up, transforming it into forgiveness and compassion.
Within two seconds of envisioning the Violet Flame,  I let out a howl of emotional pain. Vague flashes of faces and feelings were going through my mind.  I had to pull off the road and had a full-on meltdown of crying, whining and sobbing, strange noises that I can’t even describe… good grief, you’d think I was being tortured.  Then it was over….gone.  That night, I had a dream that I was in a pleasant social situation with a few of the  people who had hurt me in the past.  Interesting….
This release didn’t cover everyone, unfortunately, but at least it’s a start.  Also, I can clearly see that what’s under the anger and resentment is pain.  I suppose now I have to keep doing it until all of it’s gone. Gah….always some kind of uncomfortable internal work to do….
I notice that the place I feel the constriction and blockage in my body is in my throat and neck.  My throat chakra might be more damaged than I’d thought.  It’s probably an ongoing thing that goes way back, but I wonder if it has something to do with when I was attacked and raped. The fat end of a glass bottle was rammed down my throat, and I couldn’t scream.  Strangely, I couldn’t scream even before the bottle was down my throat. It was like a nightmare….And I haven’t really told the whole story, it’s like a deep shameful secret.
I wonder if I need to tell that story.  I just don’t know if this blogging situation is the appropriate venue for it.  I hate to think that something I’ve written has caused anyone to feel down or to feel sorry for me or anything of a negative nature. I’d rather make people smile and this story is very disturbing, yet it’s also a story of survival and a slow motion journey to healing. I don’t know, what do you think?
For some good news, Pixie Campbell, a fab Etsy artist and writer included “The Violet Flame” in her blog post the other day. I was stoked! Check it out:  Within 24 hours of posting The Violet Flame in my Etsy Shop,  I sold two prints, so that was super cool!  Sometimes an image just resonates…
It’s not raining today (yet).  It’s like living in a rain forest around here lately! I love rain forests, but oh how I miss my beloved sun and all the damage it does to my skin!

Have a good one!


>Reiki Attuned Energy Art Necklace


I just started listing energy art necklaces on Etsy and Artfire in the past few days.  I know I need to work on the focus (my eyes are getting blurry, darn it!) but I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the presentation.

For the first one I added in the blue gradation for the background. I think I might need to make it lighter, though.

The second one shows the size and how it looks as a necklace. It’s  1 1/2″ in diameter but I’m wondering if that’s too large for the average person. 

The last photo just has a white background without the cord on it, but maybe that gives the impression that it’s just the pendant without the cord. 

Right now, I have them listed at $25, but I thought that may be too high. Maybe $20 would be better.  I don’t want to go much lower than that because of the time involved in creating the print, and the work that goes into making the pendant, not to mention the cost of the cord, listing, the print, the selling fee, the paypal fee….  I also offered a free 30 minute distance reiki session to go along with them. Not a bad deal I thought, but don’t know how other people would see it.

The questions I have are this:

1) For a first impression, which photo would look best? I have a tendency to go with the first one because I’m into color, but sometimes my taste is way off from other people’s taste.

2)  Is it too big?  I can make them smaller. I blurred out the skin texture (sun damage lol), does that look weird? I also added in the black “shirt”.  Does it look fake and weird?  I see there’s a blurry part on the shirt, I could fix that.

3) Does having the pendant without the cord on it give the impression that it’s not a necklace?  It clearly says it comes with an adjustable length leather or cotton cord in the description, but how many people read the description?  

4)  Does the description make sense?  Is it too long?  Too much information? You can see the description HERE.

I’ve been fragging over these questions for days, and finally it got through my thick skull that I have some bloggy friends whose opinions I greatly value and could give me some insights! Takes me awhile sometimes……….

It’s beautiful, warm, and sunny here today, yay! I’m torn between laying out in the sun and soaking up some rays and feel good light, cleaning up the yard, and working in the studio on my heart chakra painting. Gee, could it be possible to do all of the above?  

I dunno, the basking in the sun sounds pretty good after the 18″ of rain we’ve gotten over the past week! And I can do that for HOURS (hence the sun damage). I’ve always been a sun worshipper and never been into the whole sun block thing. I guess there’s a price to pay for such reckless self-indulgence!  Maybe I’ll amaze myself and try to do it ALL! Or not, we’ll see.

Have an awesome day!


>A Revelation…..


“To discover the truth of our own vision, we must take action by remembering our tools and putting them to work”.

I was cleaning up the debris littering my computer area and ran across this quote that I’d written at the bottom of a piece of paper.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write down whose quote it is.  I wish I could claim ownership of it, but surely I  didn’t come up with something so profound!!  Finding this particular quote at this particular time is one of those synchronistic “the universe will show you the way if you stop being so freakin’ dense” moments.

The thing that struck me about this quote was the use of the word “tool”.  Several years ago, I had gotten  my Reiki II Degree which means I can practice distance reiki in addition to  hands on healing. (I don’t claim to be a healer, but I can channel healing energy from the Source to the recipient or attune an object or place so that it emits healing energy.)  One of the phrases that was used frequently in my classes was toolbox… “put this in your healing toolbox”.

I became fascinated with energy work, no, maybe obsessed is a more accurate word.  I learned all kinds of alternative healing practices like EFT, chakra work, Therapeutic Touch, cutting cords, biofeedback, tons of stuff.  I have a very impressive library of alternative healing books. After about two years of fun, learning, and healing, I got distracted with some really hard-core bumps in the road that led to a “black night of the soul” that lasted for four years.  Dark times, dark times. 

I started to emerge into the light again about five months ago.

When I look at my Etsy shop and see the category of the things that have sold there, the writing’s on the wall.  I mean, come ON! How much of  a sign do I need?  I’ve only sold seven things there, but get this….five, FIVE of those seven things have been chakra and healing wall sculptures and paintings.  Below is the latest one that sold.

I’m ready to buckle down and really solidify my focus and intention on the creation of art that can be used as a tool for healing and transformation.  I’ve been doing that to an extent, but it’s been in and out, wax and wane, mexican jumping bean brain, just a cutting, no roots.

I believe I just sprouted roots. Live every moment with intention and awareness, no more mexican jumping bean brain.

Wake up, Laurie, be who you really are.   And who would that be?    A Lightworker.

Wow. Where did that come from? I had to look up the definition of lightworker to verify what it means. The following comes from a really awesome article by Doreen Virtue.  To read the whole thing (it probably applies to many many people) click here:

“Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers. They then forget their divine and perfect identities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the earth and all living creatures. When lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they feel lost and afraid.”

I got some serious goosebumps when I read this article after writing this post.  That usually means truth.

Fascinating place, this universe we live in.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


>Third Chakra Rising


“Metamorphosis” by primalpainter 

Yesterday I was feeling kind of rebellious and my post was a little on the….shall we say…..unprofessional side.  I’ve never been known for having great timing, and of course I would have to choose the same day that Etsy artist  Sybillinart featured my third chakra painting “Fearless” on her blog which sent some people my way, and what do they see?  A monkey sticking a finger in his butt, smelling it and falling over backwards from the horrifying stench. (Good Gawd, my timing is horrible, still, though, that video is so hilarious…..heheeeee!)

Anyway, I’m sorry Sybillinart for that unfortunate timing and I’ll make up for it today.

Sybillinart is a decoupage artist on Etsy. She has something for everyone in her shop from pendants to boxes, cards to wall decor, vases, journals, you name it.  She really made my day when she included my third chakra painting “Fearless” in an Etsy treasury within hours of me listing it on Etsy.  Then she bought it which sent me into a wild spree of happiness, confirming to me that working on my chakra paintings is the right thing to do.  Thank you for that Sybillinart!

I’m really honored that she did an Artist Feature about this painting on her blog Sybillin’ Art News.  Go to her blog and check it out!    She even has a photo of it hanging on her wall right above her desk, which I thought was super cool.

For those who might be interested in the behind-the-scenes story concerning this painting, I did a couple of blog posts about it awhile back.  The first post is called “Third Chakra Issues” and chronicles the intention behind the painting and the emotional debris that emerged as I was working on it.

The second post is called “Fearless: Third Chakra” and shows the progression and visual evolution that took place from the first and second chakra paintings to the third and my thoughts on the process.

Thank you Sybillinart for including my painting “Fearless” in your world, I know it’s found the perfect home!

In other news, I got my prints from  yesterday, and they were awesome!  I had them printed on this metallic paper that has some kind of subtle  pearlized metallic glow to it.  The colors are deep and rich, they’re really beautiful.   They’re small, though, 8″ x 10″, and I’m thinking I’d like some bigger ones, say 16″ x 20″. Maybe I should figure out what I’m going to do with them first….

I made and airbrushed a wooden frame for my first energy art creation that I  printed on my own printer and gave it to Andi for her 21st birthday.  She’s my biggest fan, so I thought it would be appropriate to give her the first of something new that I’m starting.  I called it “The Beginning” and unbelievably forgot to get pictures of it. It turned out good and looks really nice hanging on a wall, though. 

Here’s a picture of it without the frame, (the frame or maybe more appropriately the wood mat was 3″ wide on all sides, 1/4″ thick and painted with a gradation of turquoise and aqua to deep blue).

”The Beginning”
Well this is one gorgeous day, gotta get out there an enjoy it!   By the way, maybe we could all send some white light, prayers, healing thoughts and good energy to all those affected by this terrible tragedy in Japan.

>A Few of My Favorite Blogs


My little friend ForestFaery gave me an award of sorts the other day when I was feeling blue.  She listed my blog on her blog as one that she likes to read along with several others. There were some guidelines  to follow when accepting my award, but I’m terrible when it comes to following guidelines (sorry Forest, I’m a rebel…or lazy….one of the two!).  I thought it was  sweet and flattering, though, so today I wanted to mention a few blogs that I  like to read.
ForestFaery is young but oh so wise and such a special girl.  She’s an excellent writer and always has fun and interesting observations. Her talent isn’t limited to writing, though. She has quite the artistic eye and uses it in her photography.  Check out her Etsy shop TheForestFaery.
ForestFaery’s mother, Simply Smitten is also an awesome writer and I love reading her posts. She’s very insightful, spiritual and I admire her philosophies. She makes very cool personalized clipboards and a variety of organic products which you can see in her Etsy shop SimplySmitten.
BeautifullyPractical is hilarious!  She mixes humor with good and helpful information, always a great read!   She makes some funky and super cool ceramics, jewelry and keepsake bags so be sure and check out her Etsy shop BeautifullyPractical.
Della writes about the challenges and triumphs  in her life while living with lupus. I admire her strength and courage.  She makes charming jewelry from seashells and other materials.  Her Etsy shop is OrangeBlossomCrafts.
Orangies Attic is always entertaining and fun. I like it when she showcases cool etsy  finds that tie in with her stories. Her Etsy shop is full of fun vintage items, the kinds of things you might find in your grandma’s attic. OrangiesAttic

There are others I like, of course, but these are some of my  favorites from when I first learned what blogging was……which was about six weeks ago!

Thanks for the award ForestFaery, you’re a sweetie!



>Snow and Ice – An Etsy Treasury

>I love staying home, but even I’m getting cabin fever from being snowbound.  Hopefully I don’t go insane like  Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”.  Hey now there’s a book I haven’t read for awhile…I remember I listed it as my favorite book when I was a senior in highschool……Good grief, is that book that old?  Am I that old?!  Fifty this year……ummmm, yeah, that’s not old!!!!   Fifty is the new 30, didn’t I hear that somewhere or did I just make that up to make myself feel better?…

I’m participating in the  Great Handmadeology Chain Game Treasury Challenge.  The challenge is to keep creating treasuries that feature those artists who have featured you.  Some people, I notice, make GaJILLIONS of treasuries……I,  however, am almost a treasury making virgin.  

I made my first one a couple of weeks ago, and it….took…..HOURS!!  I don’t even know how many times I’d be almost finished, then forget and hit the back button without saving and it all..just…disappeared.  Then I didn’t realize the importance of contacting all the featured artists so they’d click and comment, so needless to say, my first treasury was a flop in terms of views, comments, and clicks. 

My second one called “Winter Wonderland” was a smashing success in comparison, 180 some views, a bunch of clicks and comments, plus it was a little faster to put together although still time consuming.  This one is called “Snow and Ice” in dubious honor of the copious amounts of snow and ice we’ve had in the past week, not to mention the fact that here in Northwest Arkansas we got about 6″ more and it’s not supposed to stop for the whole day!   If I start looking crazier than normal and start wielding an axe of some kind, blame it on Stephen King.

‘Snow and Ice’ by primalpainter

Ice and snow can be as beautiful as this Handmadeology treasury.

P S I Love You Vintage Sterl…

Snowflake Star Beveled Glass…

Genuine Sky Blue Topaz facet…

Artisan Earrings – Sterling …

Hair Fork 5 Prong Curly Mapl…

Hand Dyed Silk Scarf-Plum Pi…

SNOW ANGEL 2 . framed mini p…

Sevilla Stunning Filigree Ea…

6×8 Silver Boules Deluxe Fra…

Crochet Silver and White Cry…

ACEO- Three Trees, an origin…

Digital Collage Sheet/2 inch…

Luxurious 7×10 Chocolate-Col…

Wool felted scarf wrap hip w…

Valentine SALE Necklace Wire…

Photo Print – BREATH OF FRES…


Lovely, isn’t it!   Click on any of the pictures and you’ll go straight to that item on Etsy. 

Come check me out on Etsy!


>Feeling the Feeling: A Handmadeology Treasury

>The Etsy Handmadeology Team has some very talented members.  Here’s a recent treasury curated by Susan that showcases a few of these talented members.  This is her first treasury and she did a fantastic job!  You can see her Etsy shop BeautifullyPractical HERE:

I’m honored that she included my abstract psychedelic wall sculpture in this collection entitled “Spiraling Up“.  It represents a time in my life when my creative juices were really kicking in after a period of hibernation.

Click on any of the pictures to go directly to that listing on Etsy.

‘I’ve got a Feeling!’ by BeautifullyPractical

Colors, textures, scents, sounds, flavors…together they add to the richness of our life. Better to feel than to not live with passion.

WISTFUL. Fine Art Print

Victorian “Pot Melt&quo…

Scarf, Yellow, Satin, Flower…

Sale. FREE BELT. Bhindi in S…

Small grey gray with cotton …

ILLUMINATE Recycled Magnetic…

Quilted Baby Blanket Blue wi…

Activated Charcoal and Tea T…

Roswell, Stained Glass Alien…

Awesome Crochet Mowhawk Ear …

SALE–Heart of Running 5 x 7…

Snow WHite Fluff Baby Socks …

Morning Tree in the Sunshine…

Birthday Boy – Candy Treat B…

Modern Abstract Painting Wal…

Multnomah Falls Fine Art Pri…


If you like three dimensional abstract art and wall sculptures, check out my Etsy Shop!

>Altered Snow Photo

>Oh my gosh, somebody stop me!

>Colorful Etsy Treasury for a Snow Day

>This treasury was done a couple of weeks ago, but as way to thank my fellow artists and craftsmen for featuring me, I wanted to start posting them all. This one was curated by mistflowerphoto on Etsy.

‘Watch Out…’ by mistflowerphoto

for color. It will capture your heart! Enjoy! Valerie

Edgy woven shrug – purple pa…

Watcher- 24×36 HUGE CONTEMPO…


Purple people eater bead emb…

Hand Dyed – Hemp Jersey – Ki…

Hand Dyed Vintage Slip –Ame…

Blown Away – Lampwork Glass …

Tie Dye Leggings in Indigo a…

BOGO Frozen In Time 8×10 Pho…

aQUA creaM ———-5965.0…

The Virgin Queen Capelet

Blue and Green


Wall Sculpture Modern Psyche…

Rainbow Brite Arm Warmers



My wall sculpture entitled “Psychedelic Sunburst #1” was included in this colorful and fun treasury. It measures 28″ high, 23″ wide, and 3″ deep. It’s contructed with four seperate layers of wood placed at varying heights giving it a sculptural quality. (and no, it doesn’t glow in the dark but would probably look really cool under a blacklight.)

If you like this type of wall sculpture and would like to see more, go to my Etsy shop HERE!