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Chakra Angel Wall Sculpture by Primal Painter

abstract art 3D wall sculpture

Chakra Angel” by Primal Painter                                                        

This is an abstract art three dimensional wall sculpture entitled “Chakra Angel that I created in July of 2011.

It incorporates my original energy art print entitled Chakra Angel” into the design as it’s focal point.  I got to thinking that selling prints by themselves is awesome, but it would be cool to present them in a unique way that makes them ready to hang with no framing necessary.

The print itself measures  5″ x 5″  and is mounted on 1/4″ wood.  The edges are embellished with teal and purple dimensional paint to create a textural border.

The background is also cut out of 1/4″ wood and measures about 13″ in diameter.  The design, in my opinion, has a victorian vibe but with somewhat psychedelic colors.  Hey, a new style: Victorian Psychedelic! It’s airbrushed and handpainted and also includes some dimensional dots for texture and interest.

The two pieces of wood are layered together, with the back piece setting out from the wall about 1″ or so.

abstract art 3D wall sculpture chakra angel

The energy art digital painting print is one that I created in May 2011.  To see the original print and to read more about it, go here:  Chakra Angel Energy Art Print.

I do all the designing, painting, and woodworking myself.

To see more 3D Wall Sculptures, Energy Art Prints, and Reiki Jewelry, go to my Etsy Shop or my Artfire Studio.

digital painting abstract art energy art reiki jewelry wall sculpture


Abstract Energy Art – “The Portal”

Abstract Energy Art

"The Portal" by Primal Painter

Abstract Modern Art, Digital Energy Art Print, Photography, Digital Photo Art
This is an example of what I call Energy Art.  I took a photo of one my wall sculptures and through a very intuitive process that reflects a distinct flow of energy, I created this digital abstract art print with photo editing software.

This image represents an opening, a portal into a new vibrational level.  It’s been infused with reiki energy and an intention to have healing properties.   It’s called:

“The Portal”

Dimensions: 8″ x 10″, could be hung vertically or horizontally. The image extends all the way to the edges of the paper

Colors: Red, Fuschia, Violet, Yellow, Black, a little bit of Blue

Paper: Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper

The metallic paper it’s printed on is really cool. It has a glossy, pearlescent, shimmery glow with very deep vibrant colors and was  printed at a professional photo lab.

To see this print and more, go to my Artfire Studio or my Etsy Shop.

Reiki Infused Energy Art “Metamorphosis”

Abstract Energy Art Print

"Metamorphosis" by Primal Painter

This is the second in a series of healing abstract energy art prints that I’ve been working on for the last month or so.

This abstract art image was created from my wall sculpture of the second chakra called “Healing the Hurt” which sold a couple of months ago.

I took a photo of my wall sculpture, and then using photo editing software, I created a new abstract digital painting which embodies not only the energy of the second chakra, but also reflects the energy of my intention at the time of creation.

My intention went something like this:  “My intention is to infuse this image with reiki healing energy so that anyone who views it will experience its healing effects.”

This energy art print may be used as a tool for healing and transformation for anyone’s who’s open to it.

It measures 8″ x 10″ and has been professionally printed on glossy metallic paper at a photo processing lab.

You can view this energy art print in my Primalpainter Artfire Studio where it can be purchased with no hassle of signing up for an account.  Or it can be purchased from my Etsy Shop.

Digital Photography Abstract Print “The Beginning”

"The Beginning"

Digital Abstract Photo Creations

I’ve started a new line of digital energy art which is super fun!  I call it energy art because the process is very intuitive and and reflects a distinct flow of energy in its creation.

I take a photo of one of my wall sculptures or a random photo I’ve taken of flowers or nature, and then manipulate them with Gimp into abstract digital creations.

This is the first digital abstract photo I created called “The Beginning” .  It was created from a photo of my wall sculpture called Renewal” and then warped and twisted into something completely new.

"The Beginning"

Digital Abstract Photo Creations "The Beginning"

You can see this 8 x 10 digital abstract photo print in my new Artfire Studio and also in my Etsy Shop.  These photos are professionally printed on a glossy metallic photo paper.

Abstract Art Red Geometrical Wall Sculpture

I created this abstract wall sculpture in November 2010.  It measures about 13″ in diameter and 3″ deep.

Expansion”  – full view

This wall sculpture is constructed from three separate pieces of 1/4″ birch wood, which are layered at varying heights giving it a sculptural quality. 

Expansion” – side view

The patterns are intricate and interesting within the central diamond shapes.  Up close, there’s alot to look at in this example of modern abstract art.

Expansion” – close up

I used dimensional paint to embellish the edges of this wall sculpture which gives it a jeweled finished look.

Expansion” – very close up

This close-up shows the grain of the wood, the texture of the paint, and the dimension of the dots around the edging.

To see more information on this wall sculpture, click abstract art wall sculpture.

If you like this type of  modern abstract art and dimensional wall sculptures, check out my Etsy shop –  Primalpainter: Modern Abstract Art.

Beautiful Handmadeology Treasury

Deb who creates some truly beautiful jewelry put together this treasury for the Handmadeology Treasury Chain Game on Etsy.  Check out her shop on Etsy:   ZurDesigns.

‘A Thank You Note Treasury!’ by ZurDesigns

Thanks to all that have recently included me in their wonderful treasury collections! This one’s for you and your wonderful work!!

Bracelet made from recycled …


Traditional Turkish organic …


Set of 5 Bird and Butterfly …


Fused Glass color shade pend…


Natural Red Jasper Carved St…


Hair Sticks pair Purple Hear…


Suspended Spider Webs or Dre…


Vintage Blue Topaz & Antique…


Strawberry and Lime Vintage …


A Bit of the Orient Table Ru…


Petits bouquets Roses – Vint…


Original Collage with Mouse


Handmade Knit Scarf Red Fox …


Abstract Modern Art 3D Red C…


3 Pumpkins and Acorns Origin…


Matte Agate Bracelet



Expansion” is the name of my abstract wall sculpture ZurDesigns chose to feature in this treasury.  I really love this wall sculpture, there’s just something about it that apppeals to me.  It looks cool from the side as well because it’s made from three layers of wood that are elevated at different heights giving it a sculptural quality.  This is an example of abstract art that would make a great accent piece with it’s bright red and fuschia colors, and measuring 13″ in diameter.  It’s  approximately 3″ deep.

You can see more of my abstract art and wall sculptures in my Etsy Shop:  Primalpainter:  Modern Abstract Art.


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A popular Etsy Treasury

This treasury was created by MyFairMaiden of Etsy fame and is entitled “Medicine Bottle”. 

Click on any picture to see more photos and information.  Thanks to My Fair Maiden for doing a fantastic job!

‘Medicine Bottle’ by MyFairMaiden



Jane Knit Bow Headband


On the Road Again BASKIN Cla…


Modern Abstract Painting Wal…


Wild and Bright Woven Wishin…


Canal at Dusk, Venice, Italy…


Discounted- Silk Handmade Cl…


Earrings Cherry Red Black Br…


1970s Vintage Blue Squares S…


Lounge Chair Symmetry 4×4 Ph…


Porcelain Red Fox Face Pin O…


Side or Coffee Table Recycle…


Vintage colorful raised flor…


3 Crochet Dishcloths – light…


Fused glass fish coasters in…


London Blue Topaz Wire Wrap …



I’m honored that my abstract wall sculpture art was included in this beautiful Etsy treasury.  My spiral wall sculpture entitled “Spiraling Up”  was created in October 2010.   It measures approx. 23″ in diameter and 3″ deep.  It’s created with nine separate pieces of wood layered at different heights giving it a sculptural quality. 

If you like this type of three dimensional abstract art and wall sculpture, visit my Etsy shop Primalpainter Modern Abstract Art.

To read about my creative process and healing journey, check out my personal blog Primalpainter Healing Art.

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Modern Abstract Geometrical Wall Sculpture

Expansion” Close up

I created this three dimensional abstract wall sculpture on November of 2010.  This abstract painting measures 13″ in diameter and about 3″ deep.  It’s made from 1/4″ baltic birch and has three separate pieces of  wood layered at varying elevations giving it a sculptural quality.

This wall sculpture makes a nice accent piece for those who like some color.  It has dimensional paint adorning the edges giving  it a nice element of texture and interest.

Reds, violets, oranges, pearlescent fuschia, metallic purple, a little black….this abstract wall sculpture may not be for the faint hearted.

To see more information and photos, check out “Expansion” HERE

If you like this type of abstract three dimensional geometrical wall sculptures, be sure to stop in my Etsy Shop.

Abstract Wall Sculpture Red Diamond

This bright red abstract wall sculpture is entitled “Breaking Free” and was created in October of 2010. It has 11 seperate pieces of wood which are layered at different heights giving it a sculptural quality. It measures 23″ wide, 28″ high, and 3″ deep.

I’ve been posting the pictures of my earlier wall sculptures on this site, and I can’t hardly believe how crappy my photos were!!  I’ve learned alot since I took these pictures, and I’m thinking I need to re-do them for my Etsy shop.

Abstract art is very interesting to me. I enjoy the freedom of having no visual boundaries to stay within. 

I used dimensional paint to add texture and interest.  Click to see more information on this diamond abstract wall sculpture.

If this kind of abstract art appeals to you, check out primalpainter on Etsy.

Modern Abstract Wall Sculpture – “Autumn”

This abstract wall sculpture is entitled  “Autumn Reflections“.  I created this abstract three-dimensional  painting in October 2010. I do all the designing, woodworking, and painting myself.

The overall dimensions of this original wall sculpture are 28″ wide,  22″ high, and about 3″ deep.  There are two seperate pieces of wood with the top piece being elevated giving it a sculptural quality.

There is alot to see up close, an intricate and infinite variety of colors and ppatterns.

To see more information about this abstract wall sculpture click HERE.

If you like this type of abstract art, be sure to check out my Etsy Shop.