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>Digital Energy Art "Genesis" & Two Artfire Collections


“Genesis” by primalpainter
I created this digital energy art from a photo of my wall sculpture entitled “Spiraling Up“, although how I got from that to this, I have no clue.  I must have done an “invert colors” at some point, because Spiraling Up is all blues.  Oh well, I guess I don’t need to know.  I go into kind of a trance when I’m working on these digital creations, so I’m never really clear on the steps I take.
I put two of my new prints up for sale on Etsy yesterday. I’m going to put two more up today, then import them all over to Artfire.  You know, I’m thinking I like Artfire.  I got featured in my first Artfire Collection the other day, and it made it to the front page, so that was super cool.  I picked up lots of views from it, but no sales.  Based on my Google Analytics, about 25% of my Artfire traffic is coming from search engines, as compared to Etsy where it’s about 17%.  Etsy gets more views, but not by that much which surprises me.
The thing about Artfire and anything new, really, is the effort it takes to learn the ropes.  For example, right now I’m going to go figure out how to show an Artfire Collection on here.    Ugghhhhhhhhh.  Here we go…..

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Jewelry Supplies

Wow, that was suprisingly easy!  Maybe it’s too wide, though. Oh well.  The one above is from yesterday and includes my wall sculpturePsychedelic Flower“. 

The one below is the one that made it to the front page and includes my wall sculpture entitled “Blue Unity“..

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By the way, the reason I’m putting some words in bold is because I read somewhere that when search engines crawl your site, they head straight for the bold or italicized words, so it’s good for SEO to do that on at least some of your main keywords. 
But now my font seems to be stuck on bold and tiny…..GREAT! 
It’s going to be one of those days……
See ya!

>Bad Hair, Good Treasury


Sadly, I can relate to this kitty and her bad hair, although as far as I know, I don’t have hair growing out of my ears…..yet.  Perhaps it would help if I were to get a haircut every three months instead of my usual birthday haircut and October haircut.  Every year, I  tell myself that I’ll do better with my hair , but I never do….I still take dull scissors to my bangs every couple of months to get them out of my eyes.  Usually by the time I actually go to the beauty shop (beauty shop? what is this, the fifties?), my bangs are sticking up at various heights and lengths, looking a little like, yes, yes, the kitty in the picture.  Come to think of it, that was the expression on my face this morning when I got the unfortunate glimpse of myself in the mirror. (I usually try to avoid mirrors whenever possible).  
On that note, I thought I would show off a really fun Etsy treasury that was curated by Gabardine Couture.   She’s from Switzerland and makes some really groovy handbags and other things too. 
(Disclaimer:  This treasury has nothing to do with bad hair or mirror avoidance, this is a super cool treasury whereas my appearance is not super cool and has nothing whatsoever to do with this super cool treasury and I don’t know why I even brought it up).
Click on any picture to go to the listing on Etsy:

‘°Psycho Dream°’ by GabardineCouture

Drop psychedelic handbag

Fish in the Headlights – Pri…

Psycho Delic Record Clock

WabSab No. 7 SuperPsychedel…

Modern Abstract Painting Wal…


Psycho – Mod

Turkey Swamp – Original Mand…

Splendid Sunburst…16×20 ma…

Sweet Water Gem Mermaid Orig…

alien monster purple doll Ha…

Order Psychedelic – Handmad…

Oriental Space Bloom Fractal…

Life-size Dia de los Muertos…

Psycho Kitty (study)

Hand-Stitched Brontosaurus /…


She featured one of my wall sculptures “Psychedelic Flower #1“, which was inspired by the movie “Avatar”.

(I really need to re-shoot some of my earlier photos, geeze……I’ll add that to my never-ending list.)
In other news:  I’m on an Etsy team called AREtsy, which is all Arkansas artists, and yesterday I was one of the featured artists on their blog!  I was excited to see it, and if you’d like to check it out, here’s the link: