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Heart Chakra Abstract Art Wall Sculpture Painting

Heart Chakra Painting Wall Sculpture

                                                   “Forgiveness” by Primal Painter   

I created this  depiction of the heart chakra entitled “Forgiveness”  in June 2011.  It took me a month to finish it because my intention was to clear and open my heart chakra which was full of blockages, anger, and resentment from past vicitimizations.

Finding forgiveness in my heart has been a trick.  I’ve tried cutting cords….nuthin…saying the words “I forgive you”…..nuthin… putting a protective shield around myself so that the cords don’t re-attach….nuthin.

When I first started on Forgiveness“, it was bright and oh so pretty, and I thought, well this just isn’t real.  This isn’t how my heart chakra looks, this is how I want it to look, but I’m not there yet.

So I re-worked it, and  it became dark, muddy and ugly and I thought, now this is more accurate, but it still wasn’t finished.  I let it sit and simmer while I sat and simmered on a multitude of wounds that surfaced.  I worked on these issues like a banshee!  I created an energy art digital painting during this period  called “The Violet Flame” to help me throw off some of that anger and resentment and burn it away once and for all.

This technique of using “The Violet Flame” has been the most successful technique I’ve used to date for unloading unwanted negative energy.  Click on the link to see the image of  The Violet Flame“.  It’s a beauty if I say so myself!

Anyway, after making some progress with healing the issues that arose as a result of working on my heart chakra, I tackled this painting again, and it flowed quickly and easily into the image above.   What a process!!  I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into when I started working on my chakras through this process.

Forgiveness” is the fourth in my chakra series.  Up next is the throat chakra and I’m procrastinating because my this one is seriously closed up!  I’ve made some energy art digital paintings to start the process,  and so far what’s been happening is non-communication. My  energy art work has put a spotlight on my throat chakra, and non-communication is a good indication of a closed, tight, dark chakra.

To see more of my wall sculptures, abstract art, energy art digital paintings and reiki jewelry, go to my Etsy Shop or my Artfire Studio.

digital painting abstract art energy art reiki jewelry wall sculpture


>Artfire Daily Collection


Spiraling Up” by Primal Painter

I’ve felt strangely verbally stifled for the past few days.   I think it has to do with the creative process kicking in and that seems to negate the desire to do computer related left brain kind of things.  Creativity is very nonverbal for me, it’s abstract and in my head,  my eyes, and my hands and doesn’t have much of anything to do with words and certainly not links and other crapola. Actually, when I’m embroiled in a creative frenzy, the computer seems like a chore and me no likey chores. 

Also, it’s spring for cryin’ out loud!  I have a garden to get ready to plant, phlox to transplant, red tipped photinias and Heavenly Bamboo to plant, yard to mow, flower beds to clean up…..Bizzeee bizzeee bizzeee.

I love my tall purple phlox.  They get green early, stay green late, have beautiful aromatic flowers that last a long time, and spread like crazy.  I transplant some every year to different parts of the yard.  I may have to name my place Phloxville….Welcome to Phloxville, Where Purple Rules….  (Wow, strange mental meanderings, maybe I should have stuck with the verbal stiflement! lol)  Did I mention the smell of the lilac bushes that’s permeating everything right now?  How could I possibly focus on computer stuff with that wonderful aroma in the air?
Have you heard about Artfire’s Daily Collection email they’re sending out….daily?  It’s pretty cool, actually.  You have to sign up to receive it (there’s a button at the top right of this post where you can do that) and you’ll be assigned a number.  With each Daily Collection, they’re awarding the person with the matching number a $100 gift certificate to spend in any Pro shop of their choice.  It’s pretty good odds, I’m thinking

If you’re a collection maker, now would be the time to get one made.  Think of the exposure if yours got chosen for the daily email.  Wow!  With Artfire, there’s nothing saying you can’t include your own items as opposed to Etsy where it’s frowned on.  I haven’t been there long enough to know if people actually include their own things very often, but I think it’s a great idea.

Here’s a cool Artfire Collection put together by Richard from Prankearts.  It’s called ‘Blue Dreams”

#widgetcont p{ padding:0; margin:0; } .title_brown, .title_brown a, .title_brown a:link, .title_brown a:active, .title_brown a:visited, .title_brown a:hover { color:#dfa754; font-weight:bold; }.title_charc, .title_charc a, .title_charc a:link, .title_charc a:active, .title_charc a:visited, .title_charc a:hover { color:#333333; font-weight:bold; }

Pretty isn’t it!  I love blue!  Thanks to Richard from Prankearts.  Be sure to check out his Artfire Studio, he does some really beautiful impressionistic style paintings.


>Digital Energy Art "The Angel" by primalpainter


“The Angel” by primalpainter
I was in an Angel mood yesterday and created this beautiful energy art from a photo of one of my older wall sculptures called “Forest Angels”. I have the same image in several different color combos, but this one is my fave.

The wall sculpture I used for inspiration is actually quite different from the ones I have listed on Etsy and Artfire right now.  I painted the glass in a transparent way and put a bulb behind it so it’s actually a light. There are hidden images of angels all over it.  I did several styles of these wall sculpture lights, not quite sure why I stopped doing them because they’re really pretty cool and unique.  My daughter has this hanging in her apartment.

See any angels?
So  I was thinking, (oh no, not that) there seems to be a big connection between my moods, energy level and the weather.  I seem to have a strong desire to hibernate if the temperature gets below 55 degrees. Is that ridiculous or what?! 55 degrees!! 
I think it must be one of those excuses that I pull out of my bottomless pit called “Stupid Excuses and Ridiculous Reasons for Procrastination“.  It’s always been a little tricky to be self-employed, there’s just so many things to get distracted by….. like naps….soap operas…flowers….books….daydreaming.  If it’s gloomy outside, Good Gawd, can’t work in the studio today, I might get some gloom on me or sumthin’.  What the…?!  That’s so ridiculous!
I really have to change my ways, like maybe get on a schedule of some kind.  (A schedule? Really? Me? LOLOL)   Seriously, though, I need to work on my self-discipline which is something I’ve been telling myself for the past oh, 30 years or so but to no avail.  Maybe it’s time to grow up………
On that note, let’s watch a little video: 
That could be me telling myself  “You’re 50 years old, grow up, get some self discipline, and get on a schedule, darn you!”  I respond with “Talk to the hand, bee-otch, I can kick your butt with my kung fu feet!”. But in the end, it’s all just  “DA da da…da DA da…. da da DA”.
Haha, I could do a whole post on the imaginary conversation between these two
Well it’s gloomy, cold and rainy so I’d better curl up with a good book……Good Gawd, I’m hopeless!!!

>Creative Angst


I was thinking today about streams of consciousness and how that’s been part of my artistic evolution.    A stream of consciousness,  in my mind, is all about intuition, bypassing the brain, having a visualization that flows out through my hands with no interference from the meddling left brain.

 I’ve been creating three dimensional sculptures from wood for the last three years, and frankly, I’m starting to find it confining.  The stream of consciousness exists, it’s just halting and infused with left brain planning and thinking. It’s starting to feel like a real drag.

Well that’s just great.  Everytime this happens, everything has to come to a grinding halt (including income) while I experiment with something new and exciting enough to hold  my attention.  It’s like I’m always looking for something, but what the heck am I looking for anyway?

I think I’m finally starting to get an idea about that after stumbling around in the dark for a few months….again.  Don’t get me wrong, stumbling around in the dark can be fun for a minute (God knows I do it enough).  The dark is kind of exciting and risque, until you walk face first into one too many closed doors. 

The stream of consciousness work I’ve been doing with my photos in gimp is so fun..  It’s so  infinite, and it’s very cool to see a visible evolution  in the form of abstract imagery…….true stream of consciousness work in its visual form….. Energy Art.   Too cool!  (Except my hands don’t get dirty and my clothes don’t get covered with paint, which is super weird.)

Now, though, I’m getting hung up on how I’m going to incorporate this new imagery into my artwork.  My first thought is to make prints of the new imagery and make a wood wall sculpture as a frame of sorts around the print.  The thought of doing that doesn’t give me the tingle and the tingle is essential for my short attention span, but I’m probably going to do it anyway.  (Did I just feel that heavy sigh and drop in energy? Pay attention Laurie).

I also thought of using the new imagery as a reference and then painting the design on a wall sculpture.  Parts of that one catch my attention but not enough to trigger the fire.  (Oh no, was that a grimace?)  Acccckkkk!!!   What…is…the…problem?

In contrast,  the way I create in gimp is so natural and so flowing, it’s like the left brain gets totally bypassed somehow and it’s mostly right brain pure stream of consciousness stuff.  I like that….alot. (except my hands aren’t dirty and my clothes aren’t covered with paint…..weird).

So, what to do, what to do…….  Maybe I should just start on my fourth chakra painting.  (Did I feel anything? A little tingle perhaps?) 

Have an awesome day, my one or two readers!


>Studio Day


I surrender…………

This is how I feel about the internet today!  The weather is just too nice to be sitting in front of the computer so it’s is a day for the studio!  I feel like working on my “Third Chakra”  wall sculpture today, something I’ve been thinking about  for about three weeks now.   It’s about time I let it flow out through my hands instead of clogging things up in my solar plexus.  Yellows, golds, white rays, clearing, healing….oh yeah, it’s time.

Before I go play, I wanted to show off this treasury by Etsy talent grahtoestudio entitled “Dreamscapes…..Feel Like This”.   This shop is full of some really amazing items made from antlers…yes, I said antlers, so be sure and check it out!

Click on any picture to see the listing on Etsy.

‘Dreamscapes..feel like this…’ by grahtoestudio

Enjoy this collection of how dreams feel to me…

Sun Flare (Panoramic Collect…

3D Modern Abstract Painting …

The Encounter, print by 88 o…

Blue Green Felt Geode

Copper Enamel Black Leather …

Black and white swirls digit…

Paper Magnet – Turquoise, Te…

Button Ring – Black and Whit…

Bamboo Shadows Original Wate…

Jade Snow Wong Turquoise Ena…

SALE – Dragon Veins – Fire A…

Night-light that throws a Fa…

Marine Green Brass Octopus

Dream 5×7 Black and White

Blessings Flower Original Ar…

Dreams of Cutio


My wall sculpture entitle “Renewal” is one of the featured items in this treasury, and I’m pleased that something I made is in a treasury about dreamscapes…that’s right up my alley!  Click on the picture to see more photos and information.

Be sure and check out my Etsy Shop: Primalpainter Modern Abstract Art.  I hope to be adding something new soon!



>A Valentine’s Day Funny


Awww,  love is a beautiful thing…

Well today I’m off to enjoy a beautiful sunshiney day in the “big city”.  Despite the fact that I rarely leave my beautiful 3 1/2 acres,  I still  dread the traffic lights and all the gajillions of people and cars.  But, it is Valentine’s Day, so in lieu of gifts, my boyfriend and I are going to see a movie and out to eat.  Maybe my 20 year old daughter will come and I can kill two birds with one stone.  Gee, I’m quite the romantic, aren’t I?!  lol.   Can you believe that I’m 50 and still use the word  “boy” friend?   Manfriend sounds even weirder…. husband….NOT (shudder! been there, done that), how about mate?  or Lover…..My Luvahhhh…. ewww, I think I’ll just stick with boyfriend.
Today is a good day for a bright red treasury.  This one was curated by none other than Etsy extraordinaire Fleeting Stillness.  She makes some really beautiful glass items, be sure to check her out.

‘I gave you my HEART – is that NOT ENOUGH?’ by FleetingStillness


My heart is yours 8×12 print

The Moxie – Customizable – L…

NzLbags Handmade – Handbag -…

Fetled hearts for Valentines…

Minimalist pendant necklace …

Modern Abstract Art Painting…

Nuno felt scarf ruffle Re…

duo rack accessories red lov…

Rubber Stamp with HandMade s…

Newsboy Hat – Cap with Brim…

Print of original collage 10…

Vintage bracelet made with c…

Vintage Dark Red Bakelite Ad…

Squares of Fossilized Coral …

Deer (Felted Love Spell Soap…

Rustic Wonder Perfect for yo…


I’m honored that Fleeting Stillness chose to include my wall sculpture entitled “Breaking Free” in her lovely Valentine’s Day Treasury.  To see this wall sculpture and other groovy abstract art, check out my Etsy shop Primalpainter:  Modern Abstract Art.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


>The Morning Laugh

>I woke up this morning feeling really……ummm… you saaayy ……..bitchy.  I’m thinking it’s the “whore-moans”.  In desperate times such as this, a funny picture to giggle at is some really decent medicine.

LOLOLOL…..the look on both of their faces  is priceless!  It reminds me of the time years ago, when my “then” boyfriend and I went to a drive-through zoo in Branson, Missouri.  I was in the passenger seat, we had the windows rolled down and there was a big bag of zoo treats between the seats.  Ahead were two camels (camels are really strange looking creatures aren’t they…..I mean, that hump?! How weird is that…lol).  One of the camels came towards the car and the other one took off behind the trees. We stopped to feed the one camel, who was politely waiting at the car window.  While we were immersed in picture taking, the other camel snuck up to the passenger window, stuck his head all the way in the car, smashed me against the seat covering me with funky camel smell, grabbed the bag of treats and then both camels hauled ass across the field.  LOL  Diabolical! 
I had to post a few pictures today of my latest gimp experiences.  This first picture is the original photo that I began with, a closeup of my wall sculpture entitled “Flashback“.  Following that is the evolution that took place in order to get to the final, most kick-ass image I’ve made so far, in my opinion…

Ooooo, such groovy colors…
A Heart!  That’s a sign……
Oh……My……Gosh!!!!!  Freakin’ kick ASS!!
I’d so totally hang that on my wall!  I did manage to pull a print from it on my crappy printer.  It was an 8 x 10 print on glossy photo paper and turned out really beautiful! Much to my surprise, the colors from the print match those on my monitor, so I think my monitor is fairly well calibrated…one less thing to worry about.

I’m going to take the print I made and incorporate it into a three dimensional wall sculpture.   Today it’s supposed to be in the 60’s (can’t wait!) so it’s studio time for me!  It’s supposed to be sunny and in the 60’s all next week, so if I disappear, that’s where I’m at… or soaking up some rays.



>I’ve Been Thinking…….

>I’m falling deeper into the world of gimp. The possibilities seem so endless as I discover all these different things that I can do with imagery.  I want to incorporate this newfound passion (dare I say addiction? lol) into more three dimensional art, but how, and is this real or am I just distracting myself with something I’ll never really apply to the real world?

The above picture is a close up of a photo I took of one of my wall sculptures entitled “Renewal“.  I did something with gimp,  (I can’t remember what it was now lol), and somehow came up with the image below.

It looks kind of like a butterfly doesn’t it?!  Maybe I need to read the gimp tutorial and figure out how to do things with purpose instead of these happy accidents.  Actually, I tried to read a little of the tutorial, and as expected, my eyes started to glaze over, colors started flashing before my eyes, and I started thinking about how I needed to vacuum.   Needless to say, when the thought of housework jumped into my head, I took that as a sign to get out of there and fast!!!  Can’t stand all that technical mumbo jumbo.  Unfortunately, I need to figure out things like how to get rid of that little white dotted border around the colored part, and if there’s some trick to controlling those paint tools easier, stuff like that.  The tutorial seems the way to go……..shudder.

Anyway, I was thinking that based on my current fascination with the photo manipulation properties of gimp, that I might have some fun  incorporating these images into my three dimensional wall sculptures somehow. I’m not sure if I would try to reproduce the colors and patterns with paint on wood, or if I would use an actual print of the altered image and glue it onto the wood, enhancing and adding to the image with paint.  Hmmmmmm……….I’ll have to think it about some more.   I’m sure my printer is inadequate for something like this, I certainly don’t have the correct paper, but maybe I’ll try a prototype of some kind with what I’ve got and see what happens.  What kind of glue would a person use I wonder? What kind of paper? So many questions……I don’t know why I can’t just keep things simple, but that’s the story of my creative life…….always gotta stir things up!

When I try this,  I’ll have to pay attention to whether or not it makes me feel tingly and expansive or tight and stressed.  That’s how I tell if I’m on the right track.  That might sound weird,  but that’s just how I roll……!

>A Beautiful Treasury Showcasing the Handmadeology Team

>The Handmadeology team on Etsy has got to be one of the fastest growing teams on that site. Well, maybe not since Etsy made it a requirement to join teams in order to post  anywhere. The point of that? Ya got me. It seems to me like there are other issues more pressing than forcing people to join teams.

Most of my Etsy education came from the business forum, and  anyone can still read it, but you have to join the “team” to post in it with your questions. That’s a turn off to alot of people from what I’ve read. I joined the business forum team because it’s an easy way to get exposure and get people to recognize your name. Pretty painless, really, once I got over the stubborn “I don’t need no freakin’ team” rant. 

The Handmadeology Team is playing a chain game which has resulted in tons of treasuries being made. I need to get my third treasury made today featuring those fantastic people who have featured me in theirs. I don’t know about other people, but  I find treasury making really time consuming, although it’s fun to be able to see people’s shops more in-depth..  I was going to try the poster sketch today, but discovered they have discontinued it! So much for that treasury making short cut…ack.

This treasury is by fellow teammate, Lbtoyos.


‘Need some color while spring comes!!!’ by Lbtoyos


trio of miniature nesting he…

the Kwan med cowl neckwarmer…

Recycled Upcycled Glass Cand…

Modern Abstract Art Painting…

Silk and bamboo cabled hat

Pink loopy corsage

green folk brooch (pin)

Red Czech Glass Antiqued Bra…

Valentines Day ….Fine Art …

Fabric Ring Rosebud Flower A…

lime green glass flower bead…

Red and white snowy forest d…

9 fabulous 2 hole vintage st…

Decadent Coconut Soap Bar

Silver-plated green spring e…

Bold Red Crochet Bracelet


My wall sculpture that was featured in this treasury is called “Breaking Free”.  It measures about 23″ wide, 28″ high, and 3″ deep.  It has eleven separate pieces of wood which are elevated giving it a sculptural quality.  It has texture, dimension, pattern, design, and if you like reds, it’s got it all!

To see more groovy three dimensional wall sculptures, check out my Etsy shop.


>Feeling the Feeling: A Handmadeology Treasury

>The Etsy Handmadeology Team has some very talented members.  Here’s a recent treasury curated by Susan that showcases a few of these talented members.  This is her first treasury and she did a fantastic job!  You can see her Etsy shop BeautifullyPractical HERE:

I’m honored that she included my abstract psychedelic wall sculpture in this collection entitled “Spiraling Up“.  It represents a time in my life when my creative juices were really kicking in after a period of hibernation.

Click on any of the pictures to go directly to that listing on Etsy.

‘I’ve got a Feeling!’ by BeautifullyPractical

Colors, textures, scents, sounds, flavors…together they add to the richness of our life. Better to feel than to not live with passion.

WISTFUL. Fine Art Print

Victorian “Pot Melt&quo…

Scarf, Yellow, Satin, Flower…

Sale. FREE BELT. Bhindi in S…

Small grey gray with cotton …

ILLUMINATE Recycled Magnetic…

Quilted Baby Blanket Blue wi…

Activated Charcoal and Tea T…

Roswell, Stained Glass Alien…

Awesome Crochet Mowhawk Ear …

SALE–Heart of Running 5 x 7…

Snow WHite Fluff Baby Socks …

Morning Tree in the Sunshine…

Birthday Boy – Candy Treat B…

Modern Abstract Painting Wal…

Multnomah Falls Fine Art Pri…


If you like three dimensional abstract art and wall sculptures, check out my Etsy Shop!