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Ocean Colors Etsy Treasury

This beautiful treasury was curated by BrokenBuddhasHouse1  for the Handmadeology Treasury Chain Game.

‘Colors of the sea! Handmadeology team chain game. ‘ by BrokenBuddhasHouse1

Beautiful items that remind of the sea and ocean! ūüėÄ

sea color earrings turrquois…


Blue and Green Round Wine Co…


rustic stoneware dinnerware …


Blessed Copper and Silver Ch…


Electric Blue Stone Earrings…


Blue Knit Lace Scarf


Modern Abstract Original Art…


blue garden leaf platter


WHEAT pillow with down/feath…


Boat Pendant Necklace – Orig…


Genuine Alligator 2 inch Cuf…


Blue UFO Saucer Earrings


Ultramarine Blue Silver Spl…


Grey Lilac Felt Flower Pin


Fleece Boa Scarf Blue Yellow


Flashy Fabric Covered Button…


Beautiful isn’t it?!¬† Wall Sculpture Abstract Art,¬† jewelry, pillows, dinnerware, scarves…….a really nice variety.

I’m happy that my abstract wall sculpture entitled “Unity in Blue is included.¬†

To see more abstract wall sculptures check out my Etsy Shop

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Abstract Wall Sculpture Red Diamond

This bright red abstract wall sculpture¬†is entitled “Breaking Free” and¬†was created in October of 2010. It has 11 seperate pieces of wood which are layered at different heights giving it a sculptural quality. It measures 23″ wide, 28″ high, and 3″ deep.

I’ve been posting the pictures of my¬†earlier wall sculptures on this site, and I can’t hardly believe how crappy my photos were!!¬† I’ve learned alot since I took these pictures, and I’m thinking I need to re-do them for my Etsy shop.

Abstract art is very interesting to me. I enjoy the freedom of having no visual boundaries to stay within. 

I used dimensional paint to add texture and interest.  Click to see more information on this diamond abstract wall sculpture.

If this kind of abstract art appeals to you, check out primalpainter on Etsy.

Modern Abstract Wall Sculpture – “Autumn”

This abstract wall sculpture is entitled¬† “Autumn Reflections“.¬† I created this abstract three-dimensional ¬†painting in October 2010. I do all the designing, woodworking, and painting myself.

The overall dimensions of this original wall sculpture¬†are¬†28″ wide,¬† 22″ high, and about 3″ deep.¬† There are two seperate pieces of wood with the top piece being elevated giving it a sculptural quality.

There is alot to see up close, an intricate and infinite variety of colors and ppatterns.

To see more information about this abstract wall sculpture click HERE.

If you like this type of abstract art, be sure to check out my Etsy Shop.

Modern Art Web Wall Sculpture

I created this abstract wall sculpture in November of 2010.¬† It’s called “Push and Pull”.

This wall sculpture is¬†made from three seperate pieces of baltic birch, measures about 16″ by 14″ by 3″ deep.

There are areas of metallic dimensional paint that I use to embellish the edges, giving it a jewel-like appearance.

The patterns are intricate and beautiful when you look at them up close.¬† In the above picture, it appears that the web design swoops up, but that’s just an illusion created by the paint application.

If you like this abstract wall sculpture, check out my Etsy shop HERE.

Abstract Wall Sculpture Blue Circle by primalpainter

I did this abstract three dimensional wall sculpture art in October of 2010. It measures about 23″ in diameter and is about 3″ deep.¬†¬† It has several layers and shapes of wood giving it a sculptural quality. It’s entitled “Unity in Blue” and you can see more photos and information here.

It has a variety of shades of  blue, violet, aqua and turquoise, as well as areas with dimenensional metallic and pearl paint.  In some areas, the paint is applied thickly which gives it an interesting texture.

To see this painting and other work, go to my Etsy Shop.

Three Dimensional Psychedelic Flower Wall Sculpture by primalpainter

I was inspired by the movie “Avatar” when I created this wall sculpture.¬† It’s about 13″ in diameter and has several layers of wood giving it a depth of about 3″.¬†

This could fall into the categoryof psychedelic art or even abstract art. There’s actually alot to see if you look at it up close. The patterns are intricate and the colors are beautiful.

You can see more photos and information about this wall sculpture in my Etsy Shop.

Three Dimensional Psychedelic Wall Sculpture

Well I started getting a little out of control with my design and my color schemes in this wall sculpture.¬†¬† I like it, though, it’s¬†psychedelic, super groovy, ¬†and fits my¬†home decor¬†perfectly.¬†¬† Of course, I might be in the minority of people that can say¬† For some reason, the majority seem to like neutrals and earth tones.¬† I don’t really get the whole conservative color scheme thing, but whatever turns ya on.

This three dimensional wall sculpture is called “Flashback” and you can see it in my Etsy Shop.

“Flashback” side view

“Flashback”¬† full view

Flashback” Close up

This abstract wall sculpture is so outrageous it makes me giggle when I look at it!