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Heart Chakra Abstract Art Wall Sculpture Painting

Heart Chakra Painting Wall Sculpture

                                                   “Forgiveness” by Primal Painter   

I created this  depiction of the heart chakra entitled “Forgiveness”  in June 2011.  It took me a month to finish it because my intention was to clear and open my heart chakra which was full of blockages, anger, and resentment from past vicitimizations.

Finding forgiveness in my heart has been a trick.  I’ve tried cutting cords….nuthin…saying the words “I forgive you”…..nuthin… putting a protective shield around myself so that the cords don’t re-attach….nuthin.

When I first started on Forgiveness“, it was bright and oh so pretty, and I thought, well this just isn’t real.  This isn’t how my heart chakra looks, this is how I want it to look, but I’m not there yet.

So I re-worked it, and  it became dark, muddy and ugly and I thought, now this is more accurate, but it still wasn’t finished.  I let it sit and simmer while I sat and simmered on a multitude of wounds that surfaced.  I worked on these issues like a banshee!  I created an energy art digital painting during this period  called “The Violet Flame” to help me throw off some of that anger and resentment and burn it away once and for all.

This technique of using “The Violet Flame” has been the most successful technique I’ve used to date for unloading unwanted negative energy.  Click on the link to see the image of  The Violet Flame“.  It’s a beauty if I say so myself!

Anyway, after making some progress with healing the issues that arose as a result of working on my heart chakra, I tackled this painting again, and it flowed quickly and easily into the image above.   What a process!!  I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into when I started working on my chakras through this process.

Forgiveness” is the fourth in my chakra series.  Up next is the throat chakra and I’m procrastinating because my this one is seriously closed up!  I’ve made some energy art digital paintings to start the process,  and so far what’s been happening is non-communication. My  energy art work has put a spotlight on my throat chakra, and non-communication is a good indication of a closed, tight, dark chakra.

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digital painting abstract art energy art reiki jewelry wall sculpture


Abstract Art Red Geometrical Wall Sculpture

I created this abstract wall sculpture in November 2010.  It measures about 13″ in diameter and 3″ deep.

Expansion”  – full view

This wall sculpture is constructed from three separate pieces of 1/4″ birch wood, which are layered at varying heights giving it a sculptural quality. 

Expansion” – side view

The patterns are intricate and interesting within the central diamond shapes.  Up close, there’s alot to look at in this example of modern abstract art.

Expansion” – close up

I used dimensional paint to embellish the edges of this wall sculpture which gives it a jeweled finished look.

Expansion” – very close up

This close-up shows the grain of the wood, the texture of the paint, and the dimension of the dots around the edging.

To see more information on this wall sculpture, click abstract art wall sculpture.

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Modern Art Web Wall Sculpture

I created this abstract wall sculpture in November of 2010.  It’s called “Push and Pull”.

This wall sculpture is made from three seperate pieces of baltic birch, measures about 16″ by 14″ by 3″ deep.

There are areas of metallic dimensional paint that I use to embellish the edges, giving it a jewel-like appearance.

The patterns are intricate and beautiful when you look at them up close.  In the above picture, it appears that the web design swoops up, but that’s just an illusion created by the paint application.

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Blue Spiral Abstract Wall Sculpture

This is one of the first in the series of abstract wall sculptures that I started in October 2010.  It’s a little on the wild side, I know! It represents a time when my creativity was really starting to spiral, so I called it Spiraling Up“. 

You can see the depth and dimension of this wall sculpture in the above photo.  I think it could be in the category of psychedelic art, don’t you?  Or maybe more in the modern abstract art category….sigh, I never know!!!! 

“Spiraling Up” measures about 20″ in diameter, about 3″ deep, and has nine, yes nine seperate shapes cut out of wood.  It’s made from 1/4″ birch wood, then painted, and assembled….whew, lots of work!  I do all the designing, woodworking, and painting myself….and marketing and shipping and ……..all of it!

Pay no attention to the poor photography of the photo above!  Since I took the photos for this wall sculpture, I’ve learned  more about my camera, the lighting, the settings, all those things that make a difference. I might have to spend some time and re-do the photographs of  my earlier wall sculptures.

You can see more photos and information of “Spiraling Up” HERE.

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Three Dimensional Psychedelic Flower Wall Sculpture by primalpainter

I was inspired by the movie “Avatar” when I created this wall sculpture.  It’s about 13″ in diameter and has several layers of wood giving it a depth of about 3″. 

This could fall into the categoryof psychedelic art or even abstract art. There’s actually alot to see if you look at it up close. The patterns are intricate and the colors are beautiful.

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Three Dimensional Psychedelic Wall Sculpture

Well I started getting a little out of control with my design and my color schemes in this wall sculpture.   I like it, though, it’s psychedelic, super groovy,  and fits my home decor perfectly.   Of course, I might be in the minority of people that can say  For some reason, the majority seem to like neutrals and earth tones.  I don’t really get the whole conservative color scheme thing, but whatever turns ya on.

This three dimensional wall sculpture is called “Flashback” and you can see it in my Etsy Shop.

“Flashback” side view

“Flashback”  full view

Flashback” Close up

This abstract wall sculpture is so outrageous it makes me giggle when I look at it!