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Abstract Wall Sculpture Blue Circle by primalpainter

I did this abstract three dimensional wall sculpture art in October of 2010. It measures about 23″ in diameter and is about 3″ deep.   It has several layers and shapes of wood giving it a sculptural quality. It’s entitled “Unity in Blue” and you can see more photos and information here.

It has a variety of shades of  blue, violet, aqua and turquoise, as well as areas with dimenensional metallic and pearl paint.  In some areas, the paint is applied thickly which gives it an interesting texture.

To see this painting and other work, go to my Etsy Shop.


Three Dimensional Psychedelic Wall Sculpture

Well I started getting a little out of control with my design and my color schemes in this wall sculpture.   I like it, though, it’s psychedelic, super groovy,  and fits my home decor perfectly.   Of course, I might be in the minority of people that can say  For some reason, the majority seem to like neutrals and earth tones.  I don’t really get the whole conservative color scheme thing, but whatever turns ya on.

This three dimensional wall sculpture is called “Flashback” and you can see it in my Etsy Shop.

“Flashback” side view

“Flashback”  full view

Flashback” Close up

This abstract wall sculpture is so outrageous it makes me giggle when I look at it!