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>Crazy Creative Burst


I don’t really know what’s been happening, but holy cow, my brain has been bursting, and I mean BURSTING with a million gajillion ideas and things I want to make.   Is anyone else having some kind of creative explosion goin’ on I wonder? Of course, now the trick is going to be making it go from my head and out through my hands, ya know what I mean? LOL

I’ve been occupying myself taking pictures of this recent snow  we had and then manipulating  them on gimp to pull out the energetic essence and turn them into abstract art. So……frickin’……funn!!!!!  And I don’t even know what I’m doing,  I’m just messin’ around and hitting buttons until something groovy happens.

Very addictive I have to say.  I start out with a photo, and then start messing with it until it only vaguely resembles the original image.  It starts to turn into abstract energy art right before my eyes!  Sooo trippy! I hope it doesn’t keep me from painting, but what I’m thinking is that these could be used as references and inspiration to create three dimensional art.

 I wonder if this creative burst has anything to do with the work I’ve done on my first and second chakras in the last couple of months. When those bottom two chakras get clogged up, I’m thinkin’ the whole energy flow gets disrupted, diverted, maybe even stopped…and that can’t be good! Whatever the reason, something awesome has happened, so despite all my new ideas, I’m going to prioritize working on my third chakra painting first.

The above picture has a third chakra vibe to it, and probably resembles my own third chakra with its’ areas of darker energy that need to get cleared out.  It even has some murky green in there that’s probably some toxic seepage from my fourth chakra.

I shouldn’t get too addicted to this photo manipulation stuff, although it has potential as stand alone prints….but I can’t think of that right now!  Ack! See what I mean about bursting with ideas?   Time to get organized and prioritize.



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