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Spiraling Up” by Primal Painter

I’ve felt strangely verbally stifled for the past few days.   I think it has to do with the creative process kicking in and that seems to negate the desire to do computer related left brain kind of things.  Creativity is very nonverbal for me, it’s abstract and in my head,  my eyes, and my hands and doesn’t have much of anything to do with words and certainly not links and other crapola. Actually, when I’m embroiled in a creative frenzy, the computer seems like a chore and me no likey chores. 

Also, it’s spring for cryin’ out loud!  I have a garden to get ready to plant, phlox to transplant, red tipped photinias and Heavenly Bamboo to plant, yard to mow, flower beds to clean up…..Bizzeee bizzeee bizzeee.

I love my tall purple phlox.  They get green early, stay green late, have beautiful aromatic flowers that last a long time, and spread like crazy.  I transplant some every year to different parts of the yard.  I may have to name my place Phloxville….Welcome to Phloxville, Where Purple Rules….  (Wow, strange mental meanderings, maybe I should have stuck with the verbal stiflement! lol)  Did I mention the smell of the lilac bushes that’s permeating everything right now?  How could I possibly focus on computer stuff with that wonderful aroma in the air?
Have you heard about Artfire’s Daily Collection email they’re sending out….daily?  It’s pretty cool, actually.  You have to sign up to receive it (there’s a button at the top right of this post where you can do that) and you’ll be assigned a number.  With each Daily Collection, they’re awarding the person with the matching number a $100 gift certificate to spend in any Pro shop of their choice.  It’s pretty good odds, I’m thinking

If you’re a collection maker, now would be the time to get one made.  Think of the exposure if yours got chosen for the daily email.  Wow!  With Artfire, there’s nothing saying you can’t include your own items as opposed to Etsy where it’s frowned on.  I haven’t been there long enough to know if people actually include their own things very often, but I think it’s a great idea.

Here’s a cool Artfire Collection put together by Richard from Prankearts.  It’s called ‘Blue Dreams”

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Pretty isn’t it!  I love blue!  Thanks to Richard from Prankearts.  Be sure to check out his Artfire Studio, he does some really beautiful impressionistic style paintings.


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  1. >Whenever the computer starts to feel like a chore, or I get anxious/antsy when I'm working on it (often thinking about things I'd rather be doing!) than I know it's time for a break! I've missed your posts, but completely understand. 🙂 I still haven't jumped into Artfire (that feels overwhelming to me right now, so I'll wait until it doesn't!) but love all of the info you're providing. I'm storing it away for future use. I do have a collection idea though… 🙂 Happy Friday.

  2. >Think it's the time of year.. although it's not nice enough here yet to actually want to be outside.. but have been painting.. for the past 2 days.. and it felt good.. missed everyone on the computer for that bit.. but a break was good… love the treasury..and your painting in it.. I still haven't gotten up enough to go on artfire.. can't seem to manage etsy very well yet…have a lovely weekend Laurie..Kathxx

  3. >What a great collection to get included in! It looks like the sea. 🙂 And you should totally make a sign for your yard that says that- "Welcome to Phloxville, Where Purple Rules!" LOL

  4. >I've been only posting like every 3 days lately. Mostly because it's Spring, and yes, all I want to do is be outside!! So I understand 😉 The flowers are blooming, and there's no time for the computer!! Teehee. Oooo, I love phloxes too!! I never knew what those flowers were called… but, with Google, you can look up anything ;D Awesome collection!*Hugs!!*Jordan

  5. >Phlox are pretty cool.I've signed up for the Artfire collection. Haven't won yet. But it's fun to scroll down and see if your number is there.I'm featured in this collection. So cool you pulled this one out for your blue post. Small world!

  6. >I actually love the idea of the welcome to phloxville sign. I think it would match you, the yard, and everything else perfectly. I will be coming home within the next two weeks, hopefully sooner rather than later, and I can help you pick out a spot for that sign :)Ps. I love you and I hope you are outside enjoying the weather right now!

  7. >The smell of lilacs is my absolute favorite :)Sprialing Up is so beautiful!

  8. >AAck!! Blogger just lost my individual comments to everyone. It said I had to sign in, then enable cookies and then poof, they were gone! Melinda, thanks for saying you miss my posts. Maybe I'll get back in the swing of things one of these days, but I seem to be able to only focus on one or two things at a time. Looking forward to your collection! Be sure to put it on your blog so I can see it.Kath, I'm glad you've been painting the last couple of days! I actually really like Artfire, although I don't know that I'll ever get any sales, there. You have a great Sunday!Tay, this collection does look like the sea, doesn't it? I get featured in lots of treasuries and collections about blue. I need to make some more purple stuff for us purple lovers!Jordan, I'm impressed you get on the computer three times a week! Lately, I have a tendency to walk near the computer, glare at it with a sideways look, and walk on by!Finding Charm, I had noticed you were in this collection, too. Out of all the artists on Artfire, there we are! It IS a small world!Andi, you're coming home in a couple of weeks? Cool. I don't have time to make a sign, but you're right, it would match everything around here inside and out. Love you!Sara, you have about the same weather in OK that we do here in AR, so lilacs must be in full bloom there, too, love them! Hope you survived that crazy storm from the other night!

  9. >Yay for purple! Maybe with more purple items you'll get included in more purple treasuries/collections and I'll get to see seas of PURPLE next! ;D

  10. >Hahaha, I know xD I Try to get on every morning and catch up on a few important emails and read Blogs… but these last couple of days I haven't gotten to very many Blogs D: Sorry everybody!! ❤

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