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>Seeing Auras


pinguin pushes another one
We’ve probably all seen this little video, but it never fails to crack me up.   I amuse myself by imagining my boyfriend’s face on the penguin who’s going face first into the water……Is that wrong? lol
The photo below is a view of Friday night’s full moon taken through the trees after it’s been “primal-tized”.  It’s a little different from some of the wild psychedelic digital art that I’ve come up with lately, but I like it cause it’s trippy, dark and mystical.  
It makes me think of my all-time favorite movie Avatar and how the native Na’vi might see a full moon at night. They seem to have the ability to see the aura and energy surrounding the plants and animals of their planet Pandora. Sometimes I can do that myself  when  I’m not all tied up in knots stumbling around in my left-brain arrogantly thinking I can control everything.
When I was really young, I thought everyone could see colors and feel vibrations. Then when I got older, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my eyes.  Now, after reading copious amounts of books on energy work and getting three weeks of training to be an advanced reiki practitioner, I realize that what I occasionally get glimpses of  are auras and energy. 
If I’m relaxed and spacing out on my balcony, gazing at the sky and the tree tops,  I can see the energy coming off the trees like shimmery swirly vibrations, similar to what hot pavement looks like when the heat is coming off it. If I manage to stay in that space, everything starts moving and swirling (whee !), but the colors  are really subtle.  I wish I could see the vibrant colors of auras, but so far all I can see are transparent pastels and only if I’m not trying too hard. 
A couple of months ago, I was talking to this older lady and for whatever reason, her aura started flashing itself at me.  I kept getting glimpses of this dark circle about the size of a tennis ball near her armpit.  I started doing that boing boing way of blinking my eyes thinking it was some kind of weird vision malady, undoubtedly looking like I was having a seizure or something, so she asked me what was wrong.   I told her what I was seeing, and she said that she had cancer in the lymph nodes near her armpit. How weird is that?!  I’ve had several incidents where that’s happened, actually.  I’m no expert and no diagnostic, but cancer and tumors seem to be something that shows up easily in the aura.
I’ll leave you with this secret about myself even though it’s probably too much information.  I sometimes fantasize that I’m one of the Na’vi living on the planet Pandora. If you haven’t seen Avatar (and you really should), the Na’vi are 8 foot tall, big eyes, long tails, pointy ears, gorgeous blue skin, half naked and have a deep connection to and reverence with the energy of their planet. Oh and they also ride these psychedelic looking pterodactyl type birds which seems way more fun that driving a beat up old Honda…..not that there’s anything wrong with beat up old Hondas except for the fact that they can’t, you know, fly!

Comments on: ">Seeing Auras" (4)

  1. >Great post! I love what you've done to the moon photo, that is fantastic! Seeing aura's is great, it can protect you from the bad, and it's nice to see the good!

  2. >I love the movie Avatar! The Na'vi are amazing. 😉 I want to be one. Of course, I also want to be an elf. (The LOTR/Eragon kind- you know, the awesome ones. Not a Christmas elf!) And I want to be a hobbit. So… yeah. ;)And that's neat about the whole aura thing… I can sometimes see auras if I try, but it often takes me a minute of concentration, and frankly most of the time I don't even think to look for them!

  3. >Thanks Della, I'm always excited to run across people that don't think I'm a flake for talking about auras and chakras!Forest, I could be an elf, too! The Woodland Elves have the coolest houses in the trees, but Lothlorian with its waterfall would be a dreamy place to live.It's cool you can see auras! I admire that you know you can do it at such a young age. I was thirty before I started figuring things out.

  4. >I agree, Lothlorien rocks! So does Rivendell, LOL 🙂

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