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>Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!  Every day should be a day to celebrate this beautiful planet that we call home, but it’s awesome  to have an official day of recognition.  What a great way to raise awareness of how important it is to respect, nurture and regenerate the Earth rather than abuse, exploit, and treat it as if its disposable.

In honor of Earth Day and Good Friday, I wanted to share an awesome Artfire Collection that I was proud to be a part of.  It was curated by  Pretty Gonzo .  She makes pretty earrings at an incredible price and has some cool vintage items.

This Collection is called “Symbols of Renewal to Celebrate Easter.”   It’s full of all kinds of different symbols from different cultures.   Such a great concept! I really love symbols and things that have meaning.  Go check it out if you have time, Pretty Gonzo writes a nice introductory to it that doesn’t show up here.

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Have a fantastic Earth Day and Good Friday!



Comments on: ">Happy Earth Day!" (7)

  1. >Happy Earth day to you, too, Laurie! ❤ I agree, we should treat our planet with respect every day, not just once a year. To be frank, I really don't understand people who treat our planet as if it's disposable.What a great collection to be included in, too. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. >I'm glad I read this today, I needed some reminding. Sometimes it's frustrating to me to see everyone rally for one (lonely) day to celebrate the Earth, when it's sheer awsomeness should have us in awe, gratitude and respect on a daily basis. But you reminded me that it's all about baby steps… we'll get there. 🙂 Thank you. And I adore the colors in New Growth, my two favorites! 🙂

  3. >Thanks for the comments girls! I can't even imagine what it must be like to be raised in the city and have to drive for miles to find a nice park or a little wildlife. Having Earth Day elevates the awareness for those who live in the concrete forest and swim in the cement pond so I'll take it!

  4. >Beautiful "New Growth" painting; Love the light in it… When I see this kind of light in your Art I really feel that you are connected (You know what I mean!)… Perfect for a healing session and healing mother Earth…

  5. >What a stunning collection of diverse artwork! I LOVE your new abstract art! You are so incredibly talented, Laurie!!!

  6. >Thanks Sybilline! It has kind of a heart chakra vibe to it, doesn't it. I like the colors when you look at it up close.Hey Sue, that collection is pretty cool, isn't it! Thanks so much for the compliment, I can say the same for you!

  7. >Thanks for posting the collection! I'm so happy that you like it. Your art work is beautiful! Thanks also for mentioning my ArtFire shop. Best wishes for a wonderful spring!

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